Every person who has a shade sail installed in their property must know how to correctly take care of it. Some would neglect it after a few months because they just don’t care. Sooner or later, they will meet several issues that will become a detriment to the entire property.

Right after buying your Shade Sails Online, you should already have a plan on how you can take care of it. There are various methods to take care of it so that it won’t get damaged right away. Some of the mentioned methods might be tricky to do, but continuous practice can help make it easier in the long run.

Shade Sails

Different Methods of Shade Sail Cleaning

  • Water Cleaning

Cleaning the shade sail every 1 to 2 months is the basic method of keeping it healthy and damage-free. If you plan on using a pressure washer, make sure that you only use it at a moderate water pressure. Fully blasting the pressure washer can completely damage the material of the shade sail.

Make sure to clean both the top and the underside to get rid of dirt, dust, tiny insects, and other stains that don’t need to be on the surface.

  • Removing Foreign Objects

It’s not a guarantee that you can completely remove every bit of unwanted stains on the shade sail with water cleaning. Sometimes, you need to scrape it off carefully to remove it. You should also be on the lookout for leaves and bird and animal faeces, especially if they’re already becoming visible on the surface.

To eliminate them, you can use a nylon broom to help with removing stains without damaging the material. If it’s not getting rid of it, it’s highly advised not to use bleach or any solvents. There are non-caustic products that you can use for the job. Spray it on the foreign object until the chemicals dissolve it and you can remove it with the nylon broom along with running water.

  • Taking It Down

At one point, you might have to take it down because of several reasons. One good reason to keep it is whenever there are heavy winds, you’ll need to take it down, If you don’t want the material of the shade sail to rip and tear. If the shade sail is connected to your home, it might also damage wherever it’s connected.

Keep an eye out on your city’s weather forecast to determine whether you need to take it down or not.

Advantages of Looking Out for Your Shade Sail

Aside from preventing it from getting damaged, one thing you can get out of taking care of the shade sail is a long-term investment. Some of the prices of shade sails may be expensive for few, but if you manage to care for it diligently, you won’t have to worry about spending big money on it all the time.

Lastly, a properly maintained shade sail lets you keep the beautiful aesthetics of your property. If your goal is to maintain a clean and good-looking property, make sure to clean your shade sails at all times.

You won’t regret buying Shade Sails Online if you only follow these methods. Once you’re able to follow them wholeheartedly, it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.

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