Famous fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer once said, “It’s always summer somewhere.” It is the favourite season for anyone who loves to hit the beach. It is also the perfect opportunity for most women to flaunt their toned bodies that they worked hard for all year long. But before heading towards the pristine shores, you must update your beach fashion. Buying bikinis online could be your best option if you have limited time for shopping.

While it could be one of the most convenient ways to add more swimwear to your wardrobe, purchasing bikinis online can be tricky since you cannot fit the items before paying for it. However, you can get the best bikinis if you know your exact body measurements.

Here are some tried and tested tricks to determine the best bikini size for your body.

Find The Best Fitting Bikinis

Bikini Top

The general size of bikini tops usually follows the same measurements used when purchasing a bra. The size labels are composed of numbers and letters that represent a specific cup size and the measurement of your underbust. You only need to know what your exact bra size is to get the best fit for your bikini top.

If you have no idea how to do the measurements for your bra size, you need a standard measuring tape to get the most accurate reading. If you do not have one, you can use a cord or a string and wrap it all over your body then cut it exactly where it ends. You can measure that string with a ruler after taking the measurements. You may ask for help from another person to get the exact results.

There are different types of bikinis online. Some of the most popular styles of bikini tops that you can find in websites include the underwired and push-up bikinis that can provide ultimate support, the triangle bikini that you can adjust for proper sizing, the halter tops for those with narrow shoulders, and tankinis for fuller coverage.

Bikini Bottom

The sizes of bikini bottoms are usually labelled like the standard clothing sizes that you can buy in physical stores. You must start recording the measurement by beginning with your waist and hips to know which size suits your body. Most of the time, size 6 or lower are made for petite, slimmer women while those with curvier figures fit perfectly on bikini bottoms with sizes 18 or 20. You may also find some swimwear brands that use the international sizing system when purchasing bikinis online. The labels using the system display Small, Medium, and Large tags.

For the bikini bottoms, you can find the classic bikini that sits exactly below the button of the belly to provide an illusion of longer torso and flatter curves. Other popular styles include the side tie bikinis, which have adjustable sides for a more customisable fit. You may also find the cheeky bottoms that have minimum coverage at the back for a sexier look.

Purchasing bikinis online does not need to be a nerve-wracking experience if you know how to find one that fits your body perfectly. You only need to know your exact body measurements to get the right sizes. It would also help if you analysed your body type to find the right bikini style that matches both your body and personality.

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