DUI or Driving Under Influence is the law in Arizona thatcovers all the aspects of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to the state’s laws, no one is allowed to drive after consuming drugs or alcohol, and the degree or frequency of offense determines the punishment. Scottsdale DUI Lawyers are renowned for reducing the sentence and dismissing the cases of DUI.

Lawyers use mainly four pieces of evidence to get the case closed or prove the offense. For instance, to build a case, they have to prove that the Blood Alcohol Concentration of any legal driver is 0.08%, and for commercial drivers, it should be 0.04%.

A different law deals purely with alcohol, known as DWI or Driving While Intoxicated, but DUI covers a broader perspective. Here are a few pieces of evidence considered potent in a DUI case.


When a cop pulls over a driver,he can ask the driver to take the breath test based on plausible reasoning of DUI. The driver has to blow in amachine,which can determine the alcohol or drug level in the air.

If the air blown in the machine raises thealarm or allowed limit, the cops can arrest and detain the driver. There are some loopholes in this test, such as certain health conditions (acid reflux) and other issues, which may negate the breathalyzer.

Physical Test

The cops may ask a person to walk in a straight line, stand on one leg, and take other such physical tests to determine the mental orientation of the person. It is assumed that under the influence of any drugs, a person might not speak tongue-twisting words, walk straight, or look at a straight line for a certain time.

Blood Test

In certain situations where the cops believe they have a reasonable doubt, they can ask for a quick blood test. Although these tests can be very accurate, there have been cases where the detainees claimed their samples to have been tampered with, and the cops found it very difficult to prove otherwise.

Officer’s Testimony

Lastly, the cops who pull over the car can put forward their word as testimony,which is acceptable in the court of law. If the driver is found under the influence of any drugs, and the cops believe that they may somehow beat the tests, the testimony can be submitted as evidence, and the driver can be detained on its basis.

Although these are good enough evidence, they all have some loopholes, and good lawyers know how to find their way around them. The first-time offenders are given some leverage, but they do not get off the hook without a fine and jail time.

According to the laws of Arizona, the punishment of the first offense is 24 hours to 10 days in jail and a fine of $250 to $1250. After that, it is up to the lawyer to get a good deal for the client, depending on the Blood Alcohol Concentration’s intensity and the number of laws broken.

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