There really are no right and wrong answers on how to dress up when it comes to fashion and style. But there are however some guidelines and rules that can help men dress better. After all, nothing makes a man look more handsome and bespoke than when they look their best from head to toe.

This new year, it may be time to let go of some old habits, which could also mean some things from your closet. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your men’s clothing style, you should be ready to give up some of your old and worn-out shirts and pants and embrace the idea of adding more classic and elegant pieces to your wardrobe. A new year means a new you – a more fashionable and good-looking you for 2022.

It’s time to level up your style by following these tips.

1. Dress Up Like A Man

There’s nothing wrong with doing your best to look young. All men would love to cheat their old age. However, being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up like a child or a boy, for that matter. Let the best skin products for men help you with looking young instead. As a grown man, your goal is to dress up maturely, in a handsome and modern way.

Dressing up maturely doesn’t entirely mean looking like an older man. This is simply looking like a man rather than a boy. After all, people highly regard maturity and people who show a sense of masculinity. Many women are attracted to men who dress up maturely.

Look around your wardrobe and see if you still have some graphic tees that seem too childish. These tees are a no-go this year, especially if you intend to spice up your fashion taste. Get rid of any boyish outfits in your closet, as this will only make you feel or look like someone who’s stuck in his past.

Casual monochromatic tees, polos, suits, and well-fitted trousers and jeans are some pieces any man can rock. However, it’s important to dress according to the occasion.

Their 2022 Fashion Style

2. Declutter Your Closet

This next tip is highly recommended, almost everyone needs to declutter at some point. And it’s always a wise idea to start with your closet. To make room for new clothing pieces that you might get from CALIBRE or any of your favorite brands, you need to let go of things that no longer fit, are overstretched, worn out, stained, damaged, discolored, or are simply no longer wearable.

Decluttering helps you identify what you should keep in your closet, as well as what you need to purchase. You can get rid of clothes you don’t plan on wearing anymore by donating, selling in thrift stores, or giving them away to friends and families. By doing so, you’re able to save the environment from wastes and get some cash in the process.

3. Play With Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, be it on your casual or formal clothes. Some men love to stick to neutral tones, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, they’re actually easy to work with at all times. However, if you want to level things up this year, investing in colorful pieces is a smart move.

Check out the different colors and shades that flatter your physique and skin tone. There may be shades of brighter blues, pinks, burgundy, and greens that will complement your physical attributes. However, note that it’s imperative to use one colorful item at a time, so your overall outfit won’t look cheap or mismatched.

4. Go For Jeans That Flatter You

It’s time to go through the jeans section of your wardrobe this year. Are your current pants too loose and baggy on you? If so, it’s time to let them go and replace them with good-fitted ones. Invest in jeans that have the right fit to your hips and legs.

While rips and bleaches are great styles for some jeans, limit such pieces and opt for solid-colored ones. Keep your jeans plain and basic. Avoid prints, graphics, and loud logos too. You can never go wrong by investing in dark-blue pants that have a great snug on your body. Men’s jeans come in different styles and shapes, so learn about them before buying jeans.

5. Invest In Staple Clothing Pieces

While you may have already removed many outdated pieces in your closet, it’s time to replenish them with modern and staple clothing pieces. Invest in essential items that will help you achieve a handsome look all day, every day.

You need to discover your personal style first, and from there, you can add any basic and staple pieces. Aside from fashion and aesthetics, choose dependable clothes made with good quality fabric and materials. You’ll be using them for a while, so make sure that they last long enough.

The best approach here would be to collect an interchangeable wardrobe. Shop for shirts and pants that can be can be matched and combined with your other clothes, so you can recreate different looks and outfits with the same pieces.


Having a better fashion sense and style will allow you to feel more confident and look more dashing than ever. This will elevate your current charisma, appeal, and charm. No matter where you go, dressing up well can get you more respect and approving stares from different onlookers.

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