Commercial trucking accidents can be some of our roads’ most devastating and catastrophic events. Unfortunately, they are all too familiar and can result in serious injuries, property damage, and even loss of life.

Let’s say you or a loved one was hurt in an Orange County, California, trucking accident. In that case, it’s essential to understand your rights and the legal options available to you.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the critical factors that can lead to trucking accidents and what you need to know about working with an experienced Orange County truck accident lawyer to protect your interests and seek compensation for your damages.

What are the dangers of commercial trucking accidents?

There are many dangers associated with commercial trucking accidents. Some of these dangers include:

  1. Serious injuries or death;
  2. Costly property damage;
  3. Lengthy traffic delays; and
  4. Environmental contamination.

Commercial trucking accidents can cause serious injuries or death due to the large size and weight of the vehicles involved. Additionally, property damage can be significant, mainly if the accident occurs in a densely populated area. Traffic delays are also common following commercial trucking accidents, as the vehicles often block multiple lanes of traffic. Finally, environmental contamination may occur if the accident involves a tanker truck carrying hazardous materials.

Who is at fault in a commercial trucking accident?

Many factors can contribute to a commercial trucking accident. In some cases, it may be challenging to determine who is at fault. However, there are certain circumstances in which one party may be more likely to be at fault than the other.

For example, if the truck driver was speeding or driving recklessly, they may be more likely to be at fault for the accident. If the truck was not properly maintained, the company that owns the car might be at fault. The truck’s company might be at fault if the load was improperly secured.

Determining who is at fault in a commercial trucking accident can be complex. Suppose you have been involved in such an accident. If this is the case, you must talk with a qualified legal professional who can explain your alternatives and rights.

What should you do if you are involved in a commercial trucking accident?

If you are involved in a commercial trucking accident, there are a few things you should do:

  1. Check for injuries and call 911 if necessary.
  2. Move your vehicle to the side of the road, if possible.
  3. Turn on your hazard lights.
  4. Call the police.
  5. Exchange information with the other driver, including insurance and contact information.
  6. Take pictures of the accident scene, if possible.
  7. Get the contact information of any witnesses to the accident.
  8. Call your insurance company to report the accident.


Trucking accidents can be hazardous and have serious consequences. It is essential to know the signs that indicate something may be wrong with a commercial truck before an accident occurs and the steps to take should you find yourself in one. Knowing the risks associated with trucking accidents can help protect drivers and pedestrians from experiencing unnecessary trauma or loss.

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