When is the release date of monthly girls’ Nozaki Kun? Many fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of this manga series. Also known as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, its first season was epic, making everyone glued on their screens. But when will the directors and producers announce the release date of its second season?

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About Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun

What is all about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun? This is a romantic comedy and parody anime centered around a school setting. This anime series is adapted from a manga by Izumi Tsubaki, and its production took place from 25th August 2011 till date.

The anime is directed by Mitsue Yamazaki and written by Yoshiko Nakamura. Monthly girls’ Nozaki Kun has one season, which has twelve episodes. The premiere of season one was on 7th July 2014, and the final episode airing was on 22nd September 2014.

As a viewer, you can watch this anime series on Tv Tokyo, TVO TVA, TSC TVh, TVQ, and AT-X. Also, viewers in Australia, North America, and the United Kingdom can watch monthly girls’ Nozaki Kun via the following channels.

  • Hanabee – Australia
  • Sentai Filmworks – North America
  • MVM Films – U.K.

The Release Date of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun

When do we expect the release of monthly girls’ Nozaki Kun season two?

Before you know about the release date of season two, it is best to inform you that after the end of the twelve episodes. However, the producers did release a six-episode movie called Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun specials.

After the end of the specials do, we expect the release of season two? Currently, there is no official communication from the producer and director about the release of monthly girls’ Nozaki Kun season two.

We expect season two because the anime has a lot of materials. The manga is ongoing. Therefore, we don’t expect season one to end. Additionally, the manga is in chapter one hundred and twenty-eight.

Furthermore, the first season and the special episodes adopted forty-five chapters. Therefore, there is a lot we expect in the second season. When we get new details, we will inform you.

The Plot of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

The anime is based on Chiyo Sakura, a high school student who is affectionate towards Umetarou Nozaki. Umetarou informs Sakura of her love, but Chiyo doesn’t recognize her and goes ahead to give her an autograph.

Chiyo goes ahead and tells Nozaki that she wants him. This makes Nozaki invite her to his house. The two help each other to create drawings. During their time together, Nozaki knows that Chiyo is an expert in drawing. Additionally, she knows that Nozaki is a famous Shojo Manga Artist called Sakiko Yumeno.

Chiyo goes ahead to be Sakura’s assistant for her to be close to him. The two are working on a manga called ‘let’s have a romance.’

The Cast in the Anime

This series features notable characters who make it enjoyable. They include;

Ari Ozawa voices Chiyo Sakura in Japanese and Juliet Simmons (English). Sakura is a female high school student who is crushing on Nozaki Umetarou. Sakura can get an autograph from Nozaki and later is invited to his house. Additionally, Chiyo is part of her school’s club. Also, Chiyo is a sister to Towa, who is his brother.

Umetarou Nozaki is another character in the anime voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in Japanese and Ty Mahany in English. He is an artist, and together with Sakura, they developed a new manga called Let’s Fall in Love. The manga’s publication is on monthly girls’ romance. However, Umetarou is not romantic and doesn’t have experience in a love relationship.

Furthermore, while in middle school, Nozaki was the basketball captain but stopped to focus on his manga.

Another character is Mikoto Mikoshiba, who Nobuhiko Okamoto voices in Japanese and Scott Gibbs in English. Mikoto is among the assistants of Nozaki. Mikoshiba flirts with girls making him famous.

These are some of the main characters in the series.

 What will happen in Season Two?

Season one ends with Sakura getting chocolates for Nozaki but is afraid to give them due to gathering research. However, Kashima and Seo urge Sakura to give the chocolates to Nozaki. Together with their friends, the two go to a summer festival, making Sakura remember the day the two met.

Additionally, Sakura tells Nozaki that she loves him, but Nozaki informs her that she loves the firework. Therefore, in season two of monthly girls’ Nozaki Kun, we expect to see more of the two characters. Also, we anticipate they their love will grow deep after Sakura confesses to Nozaki.

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