We are an award-winning company that offers a platform for content creators to post wellness-related articles. Our website welcomes a broad range of wellness topics that provide helpful information to our audience.

We are looking for professional guest posts writers who can write about various topics such as:

  • Nutrition topics
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental health
  • Body image topics
  • Medical concerns topics
  • Sexual health and well being
  • Stress and resilience topics
  • Among other wellness-related topics

What are the Guidelines of Our Wellness Write for Us?

The primary goal of our guest posts is to share wellness-related content that is entertaining, engaging, and educational. The content you submit must not be promotional or product-focused.

Remember that we have built trust with our audience, and they know we will only publish valuable content on our website. Thus before submitting a blog post to our email, info@meganewsmagazines.com, ensure that it is educative and adds value to our audience. The following are the guidelines that you should adhere to before submitting your posts:

  • The posts must be 800 words in length or more
  • Ensure that you break up your content using multiple paragraphs, subtitles, and bullet points to ensure that your content is easy to read
  • Write using a natural and conversational tone-you can incorporate a sense of humor in your articles to ensure that it is outstanding.
  • The content should be original, we have zero tolerance for duplicate or syndicated content. If we find out that your content is published on other sites, we will decline to publish it.
  • Ensure you state your data source- it is important to link back to trusted sources.
  • Have an actionable conclusion
  • You can include one backlink to your website, but the link should only point to informative articles and not products.
  • Incorporate a high-quality image in the post
  • Ensure your post is free from plagiarism; the post should pass Copyscape.
  • Include valuable information, and it should be related to your topic

What are the Benefits of Wellness Write for Us?

You can Share your Knowledge about Wellness

Health and wellness is a vast topic, and you can discuss many issues in our current world. You can share your experiences and expertise in this field through the guest post. You can offer valuable information that can help people struggling with various issues such as physical health issues or mental issues.

Will Help you to Build New Relationships

By selecting the wellness write for us platform, you have the chance to build new relationships. Many people come across these blog posts, and they can contact you for new opportunities. If you are a creative content creator, this is a chance to market your skills; through this platform, you can be hired for a writing gig. It is also a chance to discover new things in the wellness industry.

Improves SEO

Our website will allow you to include a backlink to your website. It is imperative to note that the backlink has numerous SEO benefits. Thus guest posts will help to improve your authority and organic traffic dramatically. Your website will receive more visitors from an audience interested in your business.

Gives your Brand Credibility

Another important reason why you should consider wellness write for us is that the strategy helps to give your brand credibility. Consumers will trust brands that offer informative information on reputable websites like ours.

How to Submit your Guest Blog Post?

We only accept guest posts that strictly adhere to our stipulated guidelines. We want to ensure that the posts we publish are high quality, original, and add value to our readers. Our primary goal is to maintain value in all posts; thus, we have the right to reject all posts that we feel are not relevant or are poorly written.

Our editors comprehensively review all guest posts to check for grammar or formatting errors and make various corrections. Thus before submitting your posts, ensure you carefully review them for any possible errors.

After you are sure that your content is outstanding and relevant to the wellness topic, you can submit your article to our email; info@meganewsmagazines.com. We value informative and engaging content on our website. Don’t hesitate to send us your post, and we will be happy to publish it.