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Are you well versed in the travel industry, and are you looking for a website to post original and thrilling travel-related articles? We are an outstanding website that offers travel bloggers and copywriters a competitive platform to publish their articles.

Traveling is a very comprehensive topic, and you can write various topics such as:

  • Top destinations in the world
  • Hotels you can book in the multiple destinations
  • Coffee shops in multiple destinations
  • Traveling on a budget
  • Things you can pack for your kids during traveling
  • Among other travel-related blog posts

If you have any informative articles about the travel-related industry, you can send us the posts in our email:; however, the article you send should be outstanding and have valuable travel-related information.

What is Our Travel Write For Us Guidelines?

We have stipulated various guidelines to ensure that the article we post on our website is outstanding. Our primary goal is to educate travelers about areas they should visit, hotels they can book, areas they can go shopping, among other valuable information.

All the information contained in your article must be original, error-free, and include factual information. It is also intrinsic to ensure that you only write relevant information that can add value to our readers. Some of the other guidelines you should incorporate in your writing include:

  • The content should be 800 words and above
  • All your posts should be well researched, and you can support your data using relevant statistics and case studies.
  • You can add one backlink to your website. However, the link should only point to an informative or valuable article. Avoid linking to products or adding affiliate links.
  • Include relevant images, ensure they are of high-quality
  • The guest post should have an engaging title and clear subheadings
  • The content should be original and not contained in other sources. The guest post you send us should pass Copyscape.
  • You can add bullet points and short paragraphs to ensure your content is skimmable.
  • Each post should have a summary.
  • You can add an author bio at the end of each article

What are the Benefits of Travel Write For Us?

Our website offers you a rare chance to showcase your writing skills in the travel industry. If you are an aspiring content creator or blog writer, this is a fantastic chance to market your writing skills. You can briefly discuss your writing skills in the author profile section, and potential customers can contact you.

A Competitive Platform to Share Travel Stories

The website offers you a competitive space to share about your journeys and favorite destinations. You can share with our audience about your experiences and what they should expect in various travel destinations.

Massive Followers to your Social Media Accounts

Our website allows you to attach your social media accounts at the end of each post. Thus if the audience is interested in your work, they will follow you on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Gaining a large following on your social media accounts creates credibility.

Create Brand Awareness

If you are an entrepreneur who deals with various travel products, this is the best chance to increase brand visibility. You are allowed to add a backlink to your website, where visitors can follow you and purchase your products.

Guest posting is also marvelous to improve your SEO tactics. If you have increased traffic on your website, it will rank higher on various search engines and lead to more sales.

How to Submit your Guest Posts?

Before submitting your travel-related article, it is imperative to review it and check for any grammar and formatting errors. It is important to note that we have the right to edit your article and make it suitable for our audience.

We also have the right to reject poorly formatted, poor quality, or duplicated articles. Also, if you are writing about the traveling category, it is essential to ensure that your article is relevant and informative.

After you are sure that your content is of high quality, you can submit it to our email We will send you an email to inform you if the post was accepted or declined. After we get the article, we ensure we publish, but you retain the authorship and copyright of the article.