The car, or the automobile, is one of the greatest inventions of the human mind and imagination. Driving one takes us to places our pair of legs and feet, or walking, won’t be able to accomplish. 

To a great extent, it’s not only a convenience but a necessity. Unless you’re dreaming about a Lamborghini Veneno, or a Ferrari California, or a   Zenvo TSR. Each car mentioned is a luxury and a status symbol.

There are, however, really nifty and helpful high-technology features that have been added to the new wave of cars today. That’s going to make driving safer, faster, and more convenient.

Cars with Self-Parking Feature

Parking an automobile can be a challenge sometimes, especially when you have to deal with parallel parking.  That is one of advantages built into the class of vehicles we call self-parking cars. This car can adequately pinpoint a spot big enough for it to fit, so the driver can safely and easily park it.

It does that with a combination of sensors that determine if a space or an area is adequate enough parking.

The self-parking cars will steer you automatically into it. All the while the car guides you with the brakes, gas pedal, and transmission.

A fully automatic operation is also a choice to increase a car’s self-parking capabilities. One such option is for the car to navigate into, and out of, a parking spot while you stand on the side and wait.

Up ahead are a few noteworthy self-parking vehicles you might be interested in buying.

2020 BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series full-size model comes with a standard Parking Assistant Plus functionality. It has the new Back-Up Assistant feature that was designed to make it easier to steer the car out of a challenging or tight parking space.

It is basically an automatic way of leaving or getting out of a perpendicular parking slot. As the driver pulls into the parking slot, the car’s Back-Up Assistant system stores in its memory the steering motions carried out. Then it follows these motions, in reverse order, to pull out of the parking slot.

2020 Volvo S90

Volvo is an automobile brand that is associated with a globally outstanding reputation for safety technology and innovation. Having developed along with the car industry itself, it continues its tradition of combining structural strength and cutting-edge technology in driver assistance features,

Volvo’s 2020 S90 combines a steel safety framework with its high-tech features in its Park Assist Pilot technology. You can rely on it for assistance in automatic steering to squeeze into parallel parking slots that are only 20 percent longer than the Volvo model’s length. The system also works to steer you out of the slot or a perpendicular one.

Now, we look to future possibilities in car technology we are all so excited about. Below are five awesome features that will make driving much safer and convenient. We really hope to see them in future cars!


Future Possibilities in Car Technology

01 Driver Override Capability Technology

This future car technology can override its driver and take control of the car independent of the driver’s choice. Sounds amazing, and a bit scary, too. It’s because we have that intrinsic fear that technology can malfunction.  And sometimes when they do, it could be so catastrophic. That’s human nature. It’s our survival instinct and self-preservation kicking in and taking control of our emotions and our ability to think rationally.

Some cars today equipped with artificial intelligence in its system that will engage the brakes by itself if the driver does not, or fails to do, or in his moment of panic, completely lost control.

The next generation of such automobile on-board computer technology will even be more willful and autonomous that will carry out its own decision. That’s regardless of what the driver commands.

It won’t be long when automobiles will have this capability onboard with autonomous technology to apply the brakes regardless of how hard the driver steps on the brakes.   Let’s just hope that another layer of powerful safety feature is also placed to protect the drivers, just in case that feature malfunctions.


02 Airbags for Optimum Safety of Car Occupants

In today’s cars, airbags are put on the sides, knees, with seatbelts, and under the seats. Airbags also protect the head by absorbing or diffusing the impact during car collisions that may be fatal to the driver and other occupants. It is being developed to do much more, like stopping the car itself to avoid an imminent collision.

Automobile maker Mercedes-Benz is developing high-technology airbags equipped with sensors that activates the airbags underneath the vehicle. When the sensors detect an impending impact, the airbags are activated to inflate.

To slow down the car, a friction coating on the airbags aids in slowing down the car by helping the ability of the car to slow down in less time.

Lifting the car by 8 centimeters above the road, bumper-to-bumper contact would be mitigated. This would also secure the passenger to the seatbelts during a collision by preventing them from slipping underneath the seat belts.


03 Prevention Against Side Collision

Today’s automobiles are equipped with not only collision warning systems but also with blind spot detectors. Typically installed at the front and rear of the car, the sides are left quite vulnerable. So, car companies are beefing up the prevention system by employing side collision prevention system.

Radar systems are added into the sides of the car so that the driver can avoid turning into objects or sideswiping. It will also equip cars to detect not only people or pedestrians, but also bicycles, oncoming vehicles even before the driver spots them. 

What is amazing about this technology, though at the same time quite disturbing, is that this innovative technology would give the vehicle correct the course, make adjustments, or maneuver to avoid a possible accident. That is, without the driver’s involvement in such action.


04 On the Road Car-to-Car Communication

It is a given that automated, or self-driving cars, communicate with other cars to operate and navigate the road properly. And it might be a bit spooky and alarming if you let your imagination wander off towards what bad things could happen?

We’ve seen enough horror movies and TV episodes where the automobile is possessed, and can run by itself, and do crazy things. That is, we can feel a bit of apprehension and dread when it comes to surrendering our control, even a portion of it, to something that we, as human beings, actually created.

That is a major reason, or fear, that a part of us may be apprehensive about in embracing such technology. But, hey, the advantage is that those “fear” and “reservations” about a new technology are also part of the same concerns and possibilities that the designers and inventors need to weed out from that new technology. So, let’s chill out and look forward with confidence to that new innovation.

Wrapping Up . . .

We are seeing and enjoying a lot of innovations in automobile technology. They are the realization of what were just ideas in the past.

And the future car design and innovation possibilities that have been dreamed up so far, we are seeing glimpses of them in the horizon. We are excited to see them become realities.

In the meantime, here’s a video showing 10 future concept cars that are simply amazing.. Enjoy!

Cupra E_Racer

Image by David von Diemar | Unsplash website

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