Once you’ve secured car shipping quotes and selected a company to handle the shipment, there are still a few things you should do prior to handing over the keys. For example, remove personal items and fill at least 1/4 tank with gas.

Before shipping your vehicle, be sure to inspect it and take clear pictures, not forgetting to turn off or disable any alarm systems, and keep the following things in mind:


A rough idea can be gained from browsing online estimates provided by car shipping companies. For an accurate quote to ship a car though, some details about your car including size, make, model and weight may be necessary to generate an estimate. Keep in mind that during the winter when more people move south for warmer climates the price can increase substantially.

By posting your shipment online, marketplaces can save you money, and solicit bids from multiple carriers for bids on it. This method can save up to 25% compared to using brokers. Spring is often the ideal time for shipping cars as prices tend to be more reasonable and there’s a wider availability of drivers.

Some car shipping companies provide discounts if you are military personnel or students; it is wise to inquire about these offers prior to booking; discounts could dramatically lower the costs of transporting your vehicle. It may also help if you remove valuables from your vehicle to reduce its weight, further decreasing shipping costs. Lastly, leaving no more than 1/4 tank of gas in it will prevent drivers from having to return it later for refilling, saving both time and money in the long run.


Once your car is collected, it will be transported to a terminal or secure location for further processing. At this stage, the carrier will drain your gas tank and load your vehicle onto their transport truck before using GPS navigation to determine the most expedient way of getting it there.

According to this survey, most companies provide convenient door to door delivery service; however, additional charges may apply; it is advisable to check their website first for any fees or discounts before making your reservation.

After arriving at its destination, your vehicle will undergo another inspection by an employee from the transport company. They will compare its current condition to that recorded during initial inspection; should any damages occur during transit it’s important that these are documented so a claim can be submitted with them immediately.



Once you’ve compared multiple quotes, select one company and arrange a date to pick up your vehicle. A top-rated auto transport company should offer regular updates during transit as well as GPS tracking if available; additionally you can request texts or calls from them so you can keep tabs on its whereabouts. During pick up, both you and the driver will inspect your car together for preexisting damage; furthermore you’ll sign a bill of lading at this time.

Before beginning the transportation process, make sure that your vehicle is clean and devoid of personal items such as roof racks, spoilers, or toll tags. Remember to remove roof racks, spoilers, and toll tags as these could easily become lost during transit and add unnecessary weight. Moreover, make sure you have at least a quarter tank of gas left and leave behind both spare tire and jack – this way all parties involved are fully prepared!

Paying in cash rather than credit can save money when booking car transport services, and some companies even provide discounts if customers pay in this way – perfect if you are in the military or student status! For optimal rates, try shipping your car between late fall and early spring when rates tend to be more reasonable.


After collecting your vehicle from its seller, an auto shipper will transport it to its final destination. They may bring it directly to you (door-to-door shipping) or bring it directly to a terminal (terminal-to-door shipping). Door-to-door services tend to be more costly (www.thisoldhouse.com/car-shipping-costs-explained); however, door-to-door shipping services tend to be faster and more convenient; terminal-to-door services tend to cost less.

Cost of car shipping varies significantly based on several factors, including its type, distance traveled and pickup/delivery location. Prices often increase during peak moving periods such as summer and January due to fuel expenses incurred while transporting your vehicle; rural delivery locations tend to incur greater costs than urban ones.

As soon as your vehicle is picked up by its driver, they will ask either you or its seller to sign a bill of lading agreement – this legal contract confirms where and in what condition the car was delivered at collection time. You should check for additional fees that might incur and negotiate directly with them if necessary. Once it’s back at its new destination, any remaining balance should be settled along with any damages to the car itself.

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