The way we carry on in life might be something we take for granted as we tend to live each day as it comes. Of course, we all have grand plans or routines and schedules that we follow religiously. To the point that it has become routine, we tend not to think about making some changes, as we have fallen into being able to do it with some compromises and adjustments. Nothing wrong with that.

But then, it would be great to make minor adjustments and additions that may impact greatly on doing and experiencing much more; or giving space in your life for those things that you might be missing out on, or you have been thinking of taking to a higher level.

So, let’s come up with a few things you might want to add and enhance in your life.  And then imagine how it could change your life, not only for the better, but to bring in valuable insights and learning, and more fulfillment  in your life.  So, let’s put on our thinking cap and pin down those things, things that will make life more balanced, more meaningful, and more purposeful.


Regardless of your status in life, whether are rich or poor, or somewhere in between, married, divorced, single, young or old, healthy or not healthy, there are areas in life where improvements or things that will make your life even more fulfilling, can be pursued.

Here are those things most anyone would want for oneself. Some of those I have already been doing, and some, well, I am still working on making a part of my life.

Your Home Business, Occupation, or Part Time Work

Today’s digital communications system and the Internet have given us the choice to pursue our career or our work as an employee right at home. No need to deal with traveling time from home to office, and vice-versa, the traffic which eats up valuable time, and having all the conveniences right at home.

That advantages can make you become even better at your work. And you still have time on your hands to deal with the housework and regular maintenance to keep your household in shape.

Enjoy and Make the Best Use of Your “Me” Time

Enjoying your own personal time takes the rough edges out the usual things to keep the house clean and in order, but also even with your work from home job. It’s the best place to perform better in your work as you have everything within easy reach. 

Considering that your waking and working hours wouldn’t be shortened by travel time to and from the office, there is more time to live a balanced, less stressful, and fulfilling life.

Time for Your Recreation, Hobbies, and Rest or Downtime

Hobbies, recreation, forms of relaxation, diversion. We all need some, to balance work even if that work is something you enjoy. There’s the added advantage of sharpening your mind and reflexes, and providing a different source of fulfillment that other activities can’t provide.

Time for Learning

You may be asking yourself, “But I spent many years getting an education, like in elementary, school, high school, college or university, special studies for my course, maybe even graduate education or related skills training.”

Most of us think that our formal education is the only kind of education that we need or have to go through. As we live our life, we continue to learn and grow.  It may not be a formal education, but it is still a process of learning.

It can be learning a new skill like driving a car, or gardening, or learning the right way to care for your dog.  It may be something seemingly unimportant as how to not cut your fingers when you sharpen a knife or cut a vegetable.

Those little things in our life somehow require also a bit of learning and understanding. Thus, we become a better person, someone who acquires knowledge, wisdom, and skills as he navigates life.

Most of the time, we instantly believe as a “bad thing” anything not so good that befalls us. It could be simple as burning what you’re cooking, or almost being side swiped by a passing vehicle. Yes, they may be unfortunate things, like an accident. But then those things happen for a reason. To make you become more careful, and stay that way.  Because the next time, it may be worse. So, you have better learn from every significant incident that happens, whether it be good or bad.   


Spiritual Needs and Pursuits

It’s believed that we are not only composed of a physical body and a mind, but also a spiritual side to us. We must, therefore, have time to develop and strengthen our spirituality. This is important because we all believe and trust on a higher power in this world.

This is a controversial topic so this is as far as we go. But know that our belief in a Supreme Being has a profound effect on how capable we can become in weathering the ups and downs of life. It makes us stronger, more humane, forgiving, compassionate, and faithful.

Helping Others

Believe it or not.  It just gives you a profound feeling of good vibes all over you when you’ve done something good for other people, even for one single person.It could be anything, or any kind of a situation. But the gesture and the intent should be noble and genuine.


Sometimes, we need something more effective to calm our mind, soul, and body.  Meditation techniques like Yoga can be powerful and helpful. And it works. It’s difficult to explain in words exactly how it feels when you’re in deep meditation. Do try it. You won’t regret it. You have the option, anytime, to meditate alone, or with your spouse, family, friends, and even with work associates.

Family, Relatives, and Friends

Well, apart from your siblings and parents and kids, a few friends and relatives that you connect with in all levels will be good for you in many ways. Human beings need to be in touch with other human beings.

Getting the Good Things Out of Watching Movies & TV Programs

You might be asking, ‘Why?’ with a look of disbelief on your face. Well, you have to admit that there are more inspiring and worthwhile movies and TV programs than the ones that should be left not seen.Although some genres or topics may be more powerful, or we can connect and relate with. But the impact of movies and TV, because it’s the closest to real life events, can make more profound changes and instill valuable ideas and examples to us.

Get Strength & Inspiration from Songs & Music

For relaxation for bringing up those nice feelings, thoughts, remembrances.  Anything that makes us feel good inside, inspire us, and make us smile can be healthful and life-supporting. Also here’s a great article on the benefits of learning an instrument.

Songs and music also have the ability to bring back memories of the past, of good times, special occasions, and momentous times in our life.

Expand Your Knowledge with Books, Magazines, and Electronic Media

Once in a while we need to feed our minds with something more cerebral. It does something to our mind or brain that makes us a bit smarter.  Do that regularly and you’ll just be amazed at how much smarter you’ve become.

Art Pieces such as Sculptures, Paintings, and other Art Forms/Expressions

A lot of people also buy art pieces, even really expensive ones, not only for investment, but because it gives a good feeling owning it, looking at it, and sometimes even running your fingers on it, like with a sculpture or anything safe enough to be touched. 

And therefore, it’s good advice to acquire pieces of artwork not because the artist is famous.  More than that, you should really like the art work.  Sometimes, an artwork may be famous and really expensive.  But if you are to be honest with yourself, a less expensive ones may sometimes be more to your liking than the pricier ones.

It’s also possible to learn about art and art forms without having to buy a piece of art work because they can be pretty expensive. You can buy books, videos, search the Internet, or visit art galleries to learn.

Some thoughts . . .

Most of the time, the things around us, or happen to us are neither good nor bad. Whether they turn out good or bad depends entirely on how we use them, or react to them. So, keep that in mind. Always focus on what good we can learn from every situation we find ourselves in, good or not so good. Make our existence matter by living a balanced, meaningful, and purpose-driven life.

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