You’ve said yes to the person of your dreams—but saying yes to the right wedding dress is much harder.

With so many wedding dress styles and looks out there, it’s harder than ever for brides to decide on the right dress. Your preference will depend on your personal style, the wedding location, the climate, and your budget.

However, many brides prefer a classic wedding dress look, letting them feel traditional and elegant.

Are you curious about some of the most popular classic looks? If so, please read on to find ten timeless wedding dress styles.

  • Ball Gown

If you’re dreaming of a fairytale, princess style of wedding, then you need to have a ball gown. This style of dress is fitted in the waist and bodice, then turns into a full skirt, like Cinderella.

This style is classic, elegant, and looks flattering on every body shape. You can go for a simple white, or many people tend to dress up this style with lace and sequins.

If you want to stand out in your photos, pair it with simple dresses for your bridesmaids and an elegant mother of the bride gown.

  • Mermaid

Another timeless look is the mermaid wedding dress. The name for this style comes from its shape, as the shape of the dress tends to resemble a mermaid’s fin.

A mermaid gown is fitted in the bodice, waist, and thighs, then gently fans out from the knees downward. It accentuates your hips and creates a gorgeous hourglass shape, which is sure to appeal to any bride.

The dress may end at the feet, or the mermaid fan may extend into a train, made of fabric or lace. It became popular in the 80s, but this iconic look has continued to be a favorite of brides ever since.
10 Classic Wedding Dress Looks

  • A-Line

One of the most traditional wedding dress styles is the A-line gown. It’s similar to the ball gown, only slightly less dramatic.

This look gently extends out from the waist into a fuller skirt, creating the shape of an ‘A’. The top can have any sort of look, including strapless, a v-line neck, or even long sleeves.

  • Pantsuit

Often, the modern bride isn’t looking for a large, uncomfortable dress—they may prefer something more comfortable and practical.

If this sounds like you, consider wearing an elegant pantsuit for your wedding. A gorgeous cream or ivory pantsuit, with full legs, will look gorgeous, modern, and can even be worn again after the wedding.

  • Cocktail

If your wedding is more casual, or you’re looking for a second wedding dress to wear for your reception, then you may want to consider the cocktail style.

While most wedding dresses are floor-length, cocktail dresses are shorter—they usually end around just around the knees.

Cocktail wedding dresses showcase your beautiful legs, are comfortable to move around and dance in, and can also be more affordable than traditional wedding dresses.

Are you wondering about wedding dress costs? The average wedding dress runs around $1,600, but cocktail dresses can often be found for much less, if they’re not wedding-specific.

  • Trumpet

The trumpet wedding dress style is similar to the mermaid look. While the mermaid starts to flare out just below the knee, the trumpet dress starts flaring out higher-up, just above the knee.

These dresses are fun to wear, classic, stylish, and look beautiful in photos.

  • Strapless

Another look many brides go for is the strapless look. Strapless dresses can highlight your bust, shoulders, and arms, and have a classic look.

Strapless wedding dresses can be fitted, but they’re also commonly seen in the ball gown or princess style.

Strapless may be perfect for you, but it may not be the simple elegant mother of the bride gown look that your mother is looking for. If you’re helping your mom shop for the big day, there are plenty of mother of the bride dresses that will look amazing on mothers of all ages.

  • Corset Dresses

For a more daring look, many brides prefer the look of a corset dress for the big day. This style has a tight, fitted bodice, complete with a tie-up lace back, as you would see in a traditional corset.

The skirt may then be fitted or flared. The corset look is a modern take on a traditional corset, helping brides tastefully show off their figure.

  • Add a Cape for Winter Weddings

Are you getting married in winter, in a snowy climate? For a dreamy, gorgeous look, we love the look of a stole or cape for a winter wedding.

It will keep you warm, but it also makes you look like you’ve just stepped out of a winter wonderland.

  • Sheath

Also known as column dresses, the sheath dress is fitted and then falls straight down, draping your curves in all the right places. It hugs the body to showcase your hips and back, but isn’t skin-tight.

It’s a classic and flattering look that many brides love, especially if they’re looking for a more understated dress.

Which of These Classic Wedding Dress Looks Is Right for You?

If you’re planning a classic wedding, consider some of the dresses below. They are some of the most classic and traditional styles, giving you the elegant, eye-catching look you want for your big day.

To get started, research the styles above in more detail and browse online for inspiration. Then, start visiting wedding dress shops to try on a few looks, helping you decide which one you like best.

It may take some time, but you’re sure to find a spectacular dress for your big day!

Did you find this helpful? If so, please read on for more fashion, news, and lifestyle tips.

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