No doubt, Dragon Ball Super Season 1 won the heart many audience hearts. The fan’s fascination with this anime series exceeds every other series in the anime industry. Fans are eagerly waiting for season two to watch the happy ending. 

Akira Toriyama is the Dragon ball super writer, while Toyotarou is behind the creation. It is a Japanese anime popular for its fantasy, martial arts, and adventures, with the studio coverage done by Toei Animation. It consists of 131 episodes in season 1 and is also a remodeled version of the Manga series. While it is the most extensive sequence, fans craze it most in the anime category. The entire content features how Goku and Vegeta travel in time to get back and forth in the universe.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

According to an IMDb report, Dragon Super Ball has an 8.4 rating on IMDb and a five-star review from fans. Throughout the world, this series has zero competition in terms of the fan base. Besides, you can watch it on prime video as well.

Will There Be Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

While there is no actual release date, season two of the Dragon Ball Super has been authenticated.  This season is 100% a possibility since season 1 ending featured the end of the power arc tournament and so many things were left uncovered. 

The promise Vegeta made to Cabbba about visiting Sadal once the tournament is over is yet to be fulfilled, and our season 2 expectation is to watch Vegeta visiting Sadal.

While most anime adaptations depend on their progressing manga chapter, Dragon ball is different. The series always has a unique plot that lags the manga behind. You shouldn’t expect the upcoming season of Dragon Ball Super to develop the proceeding manga. Toei could be having a different plot for the anime as usual.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Anticipated Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Release Date

Release Date

There were several floating news online regarding how Dragon Ball Super season 2 would premiere in July 2020. Unfortunately, it never got to happen. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the delay of many manga and anime titles, and this could be one of the many reasons why Dragon Ball Super was not released at the anticipated time. Some unofficial sources on Twitter indicate that season two will start airing in July 2021. Though it is yet to be confirmed, you can be confident about it premiering in 2021.

According to a Newsweek article, the pre-production of Dragon Ball season 2 has been happening since September 2018. If this is true information, then there’s a higher chance of the 2021 premiere of season 2. Newsweek further explains that season 1 was rushed, and some episode’s animations were also subpar. This time, Toei wants to develop the best storyline and animation hence the Season 2 delay.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Storyline and Spoiler

The main focus of season 1 was the power arc tournament, but things were not the same as the manga.  At the moment, the Moro arc is proceeding in the manga, and the audience expects it to be the key feature in season 2.

 Vegeta and Goku have trained vigorously against Moro but will their extra powers be enough?

According to the manga events, season 2 opens up a new Dragon ball era, which brings about another vicious villain. This era begins with a scene where the audience watches the universe’s 7 fighters getting stronger and more powerful. Later, Goku meets a Galactic Patrol agent who talks about Moro, the planet eater, who has haunted a large part of the universe for ten million years and gets his power by attacking the planets’ life force and turning them into dead stars, hence a threat to the entire universe.

After absorbing 320 planets, Supreme Kai converts most of his godly power and seals Moro’s magic. Though Moro was sentenced to life imprisonment by the galactic patrol, it seems he escaped, and the galactic control is hunting him down. Goku is so excited about the story and can’t wait to meet Moro. He tags along with the Galactic Patrol and Vegeta in search of Moro. After several adventures, they finally detect Moro’s location through a transmission. Goku tries to trace him, but who’s smarter than Moro? It turns out Moro already knows about Vegeta and Goku before they could find him.


As discussed earlier, the arcs of Dragon Super Ball 2 are likely to follow the story the manga series is currently following. Besides, if this season premieres in 2021, the first few episodes might retell the Dragon Super Ball story. Dragon Ball franchise has done this in the past, and it has occurred in most of its past films and other famous anime series. If the Dragon Ball Super has a sequel, chances are it will be aired before the season is released.

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