Leverage is a television show that first premiered in 2008 December. It was produced by Electric Entertainment and had 77 episodes so far. Until 2012, Leverage managed to air five seasons under the leadership of Dean Devlin. Unfortunately, the rating started declining and what followed was the withdrawal of the show. The last episode aired on 25th December 2012.  If you’re enthusiastic about comedy-drama, action-crimes, adventure, thriller, or all, this show is worth your time and value.  

Though it was canceled, most fans believe it was a great show and should be renewed.

When Will Leverage Season 6 Air?

Leverage Season 6

Leverage Season 6

2020 has been challenging for all of us. Actually, it could be termed as the worst year ever, but hey! All is not lost. IMDB TV will soon be announcing the premiere date of the renewed leverage series. Could there be better news from the team of five than this for a happy end of the year? Of course, there is—the comedy, drama. Thrill and crime are unmatched.

While the actual date has not been announced, the audience continues to search for hints online. Sadly, Covid-19 has thrown a spanner to several TV shows’ production itinerary; this could make you wait up to the end of 2021.

Is Leverage Season 6 Production Underway?

Yes.  Leverage season 6 started filming on 4TH August 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Devlin and the entire Leverage cast shared a detailed table read on social media with actors wearing face masks and sitting six feet apart. Cameras started rolling on 10th August, and week one of shooting was smooth.

Leverage casts flew in a private jet a few days before the table read for a testing round.  This season was set to start production in late June or early July in Louisiana while observing safety rules. The plan was pushed to 20th July then 4th August as the industry producers tried to adapt to the constantly changing Covid-19 rules.

Who will be in Leverage Season 6?



Leverage season 6 will comes with new characters, including the one acted by Noah Wyle. All the other original cast members will retain their characters- Beth Riesgraf,  as ‘Parker,’ and Christian Kane as ‘Eliot Spencer,’ Gina Bellman as ‘Sophie Devereaux’ and Aldis Hodge as ‘Alec Hardison.’ 

Hodge will recur due to his Showtime series (City on a Hill) responsibilities. Sadly, Timothy Hutton, the former star, will not be returning for the reboot due to his sexual assault allegations. 

Leverage season 6 is an update of reformed lawbreakers’ original concept utilizing their unique skills to correct governmental and corporate injustices imposed on common citizens.

What Will Take Place in Season 6 of Leverage?

Ford (Timothy Hutton), a man who suffered betrayal in the past, will get his revenge on his betrayer. However, he doesn’t stop at that. He teams up with four other specialists (Hacker, Thief, Hitter, and Grifter) from different fields to carry off a heist. All elements necessary for a heist are featured in this series. The main purpose of these heists is to benefit the less fortunate. Though the leverage season 6 plot is yet to be announced, chances are it will be a story of Robin Hood.

When Can You Watch the Leverage Season 6 Trailer?

Due to the uncertainty of the future due to the pandemic and lack of communication on the official release date, there is no trailer for Leverage season 6. Regardless, we are certain it will air 13 episodes, and there will be a change in the cast. We can only wait. But hey! Have you already watched the last five seasons? If not, you can check them out on Amazon

The Storyline of Season 6

As mentioned earlier, Leverage season six is based on the Robin Hood story. It revolves around a skilled professionals team that comes together at the command of their leader, who was betrayed once to steal from various crooks. Basically, this involves committing crimes for the right reasons. This team manages to bring down the most uncouth businessman in town. No doubt it is an edge of seat series. 

Producer’s Insights on Season 6

Devlin is the executive producer of leverage season 6, with Chris Downey and John Rogers serving as consulting producers. Other executive producers include Rachel Olschan-Wilson, Kate Rorick, and Marc Roskin.

In an interview with Assignment X, Devlin clarifies that Noah Wyles will not be ideally taking over Timothy Hutton but rather comes in as a new character that helps in taking the show in a new direction. He further states that this season involves a redemption of adventure inspired by the new character, unlike the past incarnation, which was a crusade for revenge.  

While this show will revisit the initial five-act structure of season one, it is a re-imagination derived from the initial series, but a new show referred to as Leverage 2.


What are your sentiments? Did you enjoy the original Leverage TV show? Will you watch Leverage 2?

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