Vikings, a classic TV show, was created and written by Michael Hirst. The first season premiered on 3rd March 2013, and since then, the show has aired six seasons, with the latest season released on 4th December 2019. However, the sixth season has not aired all the 20 episodes as announced earlier; only ten episodes have been released. 

 Despite the killing of Ragna Lothbrok, one of the main characters in season four, Vikings still have a large following. 

Vikings Season 7 Release Date



Sadly, the Vikings will end after airing the sixth season. There will no be any seventh season for its audience. The sixth season has two parts. In which the first part consists of ten episodes and has been released. Season six-part B release date is yet to be revealed. 

We can expect the part B to be released in December 2020.  But due to the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, fans should lower their expectations as the release date may be postponed to a later date.

Regardless, all is not lost for the fans—a spin-off series titled Vikings: Valhalla has been announced. The story will occur a century after the end of the initial series, and it will air on Netflix.  This new series was announced before the release of season six. Currently, there’s not much available information regarding the spin-off series. 

What to Expect from Vikings 7

Chances are, season 6, part 2 will pick up where part one ended. It will most likely talk about Bjorn’s fate after Ivan stabbed him and also the future of Floki as he takes his place at the Kattegat throne. The previous seasons featured Ragnar Lothbrok from a mere farmer to a legend and the Scandinavia king. The series also features Ragnar’s sons’ life history and overpowering in Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, and England. However, we can only predict what will happen since the script is still in the making. Viking 6 has so many questions, and until part B concludes, there’s nothing much we can say about the character’s fate.

Vikings 7 Trailer

Since this series is being withdrawn, there will be no trailer. The audience awaiting the spin-off series trailer will also have to wait until the production starts working on it.

Vikings 7 Cast

vikings Cast

Vikings Cast

Most of the cast members are expected to return to the show, including Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, Alexander Ludwig as King Bjorn, Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe, John Kavanagh The Sheer, and Marco IIso as Hvitserk.

Ben Robson is also expected to return as Kalf, Danila Kozlovsky as Oleg the Prophet, Alex Anderson as Ivar the Boneless, and David Lindstrom as Sigurd.

Views from Fans

Following the announcement that Vikings will end after season 6, some fans claim they weren’t surprised to hear the series would end after Ragnar’s death. The starring of the show was thrown in a pit of poisonous snakes in season four. After his death, many fans thought it was senseless without Ragnar and threatened to boycott this series. Others came with theories on how the series would end on Reddit.

According to a fan named Wyran12, Vikings took a different hit after the death of Ragnar. He claims that the last few episodes haven’t been strong enough. 

Some audience claim that the spin-off sequel will soften the blow as they anticipated to see more of the cast. 

According to another fan, Finniruse, Ivan has maintained this series’s goodness with his charisma since Ragnar’s death, but it is not as good as before. He further adds that he’s fascinated by too much hate on Floki and can’t wait for the spin-off series, especially about Iceland.  

Vikings Valhalla

The casting process of the spin-off series is underway, with extras being cast for the filming currently. Jeb Stuart is writing this series, and MGM productions are behind its production. There’s no confirmation of any cast member acting as the main characters yet, but with time, this story will be updated as more news is revealed.

Sadly, no Vikings will star. The reason being, they will have died by the time Vikings Valhalla takes place unless it is through flashbacks.

Like Vikings, this spin-off series will be based on Anglo-Saxon history and the real Viking meaning several famous battles will feature, including the Hastings Battle.


Vikings Valhalla production was due to start in April 2020 but was delayed due to the covid-19 outbreak. As lockdown restrictions ease across the world, things are going well for the production team. Pre-production has been happening in Ireland, the place where the initial Vikings series was filmed.

Vikings series will be made of 24 episodes, and chances are, they will split into two. Due to social distancing and other negative effects of the corona pandemic, it is more likely to air towards the end of next year.

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