Fall is in full swing, which means Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you’re spending more time at home and need something to keep you occupied or simply like getting a head start on your holiday shopping, now is an ideal time to get into gift shopping mode.

When deciding on gifts for your friends and loved ones, admittedly there’s something quite fun about shopping for and receiving something personalized. As a bonus, these types of gifts tend to come in a variety of price ranges that can fit any budget. For ideas and inspiration, consider the following:

Stocking Stuffers

When you’re out and about shopping safely in-person or are perusing websites, be on the lookout for personalized stocking stuffers. This can include pencils and pens with the recipient’s name on them, small ornaments, candy bars, stickers and other goodies. Most of these items can be found for a few dollars each and can easily be stashed away until you fill the stockings.

Personalized stocking stuffers are great as they add a personal touch. For fun Christmas stuffers for men, try Meat Card™

Customized Bracelets

Fortunately, shopping for young adults doesn’t mean having to break the bank on new electronics. For $25, you can order a custom twist bracelet that will feel right at home on the wrist of a young man or woman. The twist bracelet is made of waxed nylon that comes in a variety of colors and features a hand-stamped token in a number of finishes. You can choose to have the token personalized with your loved one’s name; or, if there’s a special word that’s meaningful to them, you can opt for that, too.

Unique Gifts Not Found at the Mall

Your aunt adores attending art festivals and your dad feels strongly about supporting local artists whenever possible. To pick out the perfect personalized gifts for them both, opt for places that feature unique items made by independent artists. You might find a personalized, hand-designed notebook; a tote bag with the person’s name added at the top; or other ideas your loved ones will appreciate — not only because it’s from you, but because it comes from the heart. Prices on these gifts will vary, so feel free to choose items that fit your budget and the person’s interests.

Personalized Popcorn Tub

Movie lovers have had ample time to watch plenty of films this year. To help them continue their favorite hobby well into 2021, consider gifting them personalized popcorn buckets. Starting at around $5, you can order the reusable buckets for whomever and then place it in a gift bag. Add in some small bags of microwavable popcorn, theater-sized boxes of candy, and maybe a bottle of the person’s favorite soda or wine.

Socks that Honor the Family Dog

While we might think of including the recipient’s name as part and parcel of personalized gifts, you can also think outside the box a bit with something like socks that feature photos of your friend’s best four-legged friend. Simply ask for or locate a photo of the dog on your friend’s social media pages. Then, upload it to a website like GoPupSocks and choose your background color. From there, the design team can produce cute, comfortable socks covered with the dog’s adorable face.

Have a Great Holiday Season

Christmas will be here before you know it, so getting a jump start on all the shopping is a good idea. By focusing on personalized gifts for your friends and loved ones, you’ll be able to find a wide assortment of choices at a number of different price points.

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