When you detect you have mold in your house, you must contact a mold inspection North Carolina expert to confirm the severity. Mold is not only dangerous to your health but the structure of your home as well. If an environment is moist, mold will grow easily.

Whether it is on wood, carpet, food, or paper. Plus, mold spores are everywhere, either you are at home, in the office, or outside. Although mold spores are harmless, you should control them to avoid them becoming too many. Since they can cause a lot of issues and when it is too much, it is expensive and damaging. Therefore, it is best to control moisture to contain their growth and spread. In this article, are ways to tell you if you need a mold inspection.

Water damage 

Since moisture and mold go hand in hand, when there is no moisture, mold will not grow. Thus, when your home has any form of water damage, you need to solve it immediately. If you cannot tell the source of water damage, find it and have a plumber fix it.

If you had a flood to your home, contact a mold mediation company to help solve the mold issue. Therefore, water stains in the ceilings or walls, bathroom floor, or kitchen floor always find the source. If you do not fix them as soon as possible, it will cause mold to grow fast and spread quickly.

Need a Mold Inspection 

Visible mold 

Visible mold is a no brainer that you need a mold inspection, and there is a mold problem present. This is vital to consider since mold spreads quickly, and even the tiniest areas of mold can cause a serious mold problem. Importantly, mold is in various shapes, sizes, and also in a range of colors.

Such as from back to orange, blue to white, and yellow to green. Also, their profiles and textures are distinctive. Therefore, when you see anything that looks like a mold, it’s time to call in an expert to test if it is mold.


In case you have any leaks in your home, they tend to be annoying, and you need to fix them. Find professional leak detection services to take care of the situation well. Especially, before they create a mold problem as they are already creating conditions for mold and mildew to thrive. This is because mold can spread from the source of the leak to air vents and then through the entire house.

Some types of water leaks to be aware of are leaking water pipes, washing machine hoses, leaking sink pipes, leaking faucet, and leaking toilets, among many others. Check through this often to catch the leak before any damage occurs.

Allergies and other health issues 

If you have a family member and their asthma starts acting up, or you have a small baby that is coughing with no cold or family members who are experiencing health issues.

It could be a sign of undetected mold. Some of the mold symptoms to look out for if there is any in your home are throat, skin and eye irritation, sneezing fits, coughing, nasal and sinus congestion, difficulty breathing, and wheezing, among others.

Strange odor 

Does your home have a musty, moldy odor? It is a sign that you need a mold inspection. Although most houses have smells that reflect the composition of the occupants in them.

Sometimes the odor in the home may be a result of environmental factors. Such as the weather. Thus, you can notice a strange odor after seasonal changes or a heavy rainfall that will help you detect if it’s a moldy smell. That is through the occurrence of mold and mildew that may be visible or not.


If you live in very humid climates, they provide enough moisture for mold to grow. Sometimes the appliance you have in your home may be increasing your humidity levels, such as steam radiators, stoves, humidifiers, among others.

Therefore, it is important to check your humidity level when you use these appliances to maintain it below 60%. Also, improve ventilation to prevent high humidity by running exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms. Keep windows open on sunny days, use a dehumidifier. By doing some of these things, you will keep humidity low and prevent the growth of mold.

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