Although engagement rings steal the show in a proposal, wedding bands are just as crucial since they constantly remind you of your commitment to one another. Every detail must be planned, from picking a metal to engraving when buying wedding bands in Melbourne. The average person in Melbourne spends around $5,300 on a wedding band, which is a large sum of money, so while you pick your wedding band, please follow these pointers.


Wedding rings are more than just a token of commitment; they’re also a financial asset. Buying your band from a reputable jeweller is one method to guarantee its quality. You don’t have to break the bank to receive a beautiful ring when you shop at a reputable jeweller.

To ensure that the jewellery you buy is genuine, it is a good idea to research the jeweller you want to buy from. Find a jeweller in Melbourne that only uses conflict-free diamonds if you want your ring (or rings) to be fashioned from ethical materials. It is preferable to purchase from a jeweller who provides a certificate of authenticity, uses diamonds that have not been involved in a conflict, and has a simple and uncomplicated return policy.

Silver, platinum, or gold?

Wedding rings have traditionally been made of gold. This is due to gold’s greater malleability and the extended period during which its lustre is maintained compared to other precious metals. Because of its excellent sturdiness, platinum is used to manufacture more men’s wedding bands than women’s. Silver is the most budget-friendly option compared to gold, but it loses its lustre rapidly. To ensure that your ring lasts as long as possible, you must give it the care it deserves, regardless of the metal it is made from.

Design preference

Considering that you’ll be wearing your wedding band every day for the rest of your life, finding a ring you’ll be pleased with makes sense. The band you pick depends on your likes and way of living in Melbourne. Do you lean towards the conventional in your taste? A trendy ring may be more to your liking. Are practical conveniences more critical to you than fashionable ones?

Have you always been an active person? Should you stick to more basic band options because of your job? Before going shopping, consider the following questions. You may pick a wedding ring that fits your style and preferences among the various options available today, including two-tone bands, semi-eternity bands, full-eternity bands, black diamond bands, and comfort-fit bands.


People who want to create something unique and tailored to their interests might go for custom wedding bands in Melbourne. You may finally get the one-of-a-kind wedding bands you’ve always wanted by ordering them made to order. If you decide to take the bespoke route, finding a jeweller to produce a wax model of the ring(s) before sending the design out to be cast is essential.

Blend or Contrast?

Modern Melbourne brides have more leeway to combine and repurpose their favourite elements from different sources. A bride’s wedding band can be any hue, from white gold to dazzling gold. Even men’s bands come in various styles and materials to choose from. They may choose from various designs, metals, and finishes, including rose gold and platinum. The wedding bands of today’s brides and grooms in Melbourne don’t have to be identical to be a tremendous and complementing pair; instead, they may reflect the bride and groom’s unique styles while sharing a similar design element.

Being of Appropriate Size

The best time to measure your finger for a wedding band is first thing in the morning when your body temperature is most consistent. Your fingers will swell at specific points in the day for various reasons. The swelling of your hands can be affected by several factors, including physical activity, pregnancy, temperature, and time of day.

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