Startup Write For Us

We welcome writers from all spheres of life to write for us. Our community is snowballing, and we are looking for experienced bloggers to share experiences, stories, or trending topics. If you have a startup story, this is a great platform to share it. However, it is imperative to note that we don’t compromise on quality, thus ensure you adhere to our guidelines.

Ideally, we are looking for bloggers or entrepreneurs who can share how business startups started their journey. Our readers want valuable information about innovative strategies or ideas they can incorporate into their business. If you have such informative posts, ensure that you send them to our email;

What is Our Startup Write for Us Guidelines?

  • We only publish distinctive and original content- our audience is looking for new ideas; hence ensure you only submit original articles.
  • The content should be easy to read-ensure that your posts are easy to understand and are flowing naturally.
  • Add keywords naturally-keywords are integral in every guest post and help the content rank high. It is an intelligent SEO tactic that you should consider incorporating. Long-tail keywords are the most preferred.
  • Ensure that your content is not promotional-our readers are looking for tips and strategies to manage a startup successfully. Thus, if your content is advertising products or companies, it will discourage our readers.
  • We don’t publish any copied content-if you send us plagiarized content, we will permanently ban you from sending any content to us.
  • Refrain from writing misleading information-the data included in your articles should be factual. Ensure that you give proper quotes, citations, and credits from authoritative websites.
  • Include relevant images that are free from copyright issues
  • Add many paragraphs, subtitles, and bullet points to ensure that your content is easy to ready.
  • Avoid including any affiliate links.
  • The word count of your articles should be 800 words and above.
  • You can include an author short bio and your photo
  • Add one backlink to your website but avoid linking to any products

What are the Benefits of Startup Write for Us?

Guest posting is a fantastic SEO strategy that most brands are utilizing. This method provides numerous benefits to your brand. It gives you a platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the market. Also, it helps you to become an authority figure in the market which will help you connect with potential consumers. Some of the benefits of the start-up write for us include:

High Back Traffic

On the guest post, you can add a backlink to your website and a link to your social media accounts. The links are pretty valuable as the readers of your content can click on them and follow you. It will create high back traffic on your website, which helps rank your website higher on various search engines. It is a great SEO tactic to increase traffic on your website.

Increase Brand Awareness

For entrepreneurs, guest posting is an excellent method to increase the visibility of your business. Brand awareness is quite important in the virtual space and helps make your business competitive in the market. Increased visibility will consequently resort to increased conversion rates for your business.

Create Valuable Connections in the Industry

It is also a practical method to increase valuable connections to your industry. You can interact with other entrepreneurs and share some helpful information about business startups through this platform. The information can help you scale your business and place it in a competitive position.

If you are a blogger, it is also ideal for growing your skills. Potential employers can spot your high-quality writing skills through the platform and decide to hire you.

Increase Website Domain Authority

It is also an incredible chance to increase website domain authority through backlinks. Various search engines will view your website as trustworthy and allow you to rank well.

How to Submit your Content

After carefully writing your content, you can submit it to our email We accept word documents, PPT, and Google documents. The final copy you send should be well-edited and formatted.

After sending your guest posts, we review them comprehensively to ensure you have adhered to the stipulated guidelines. Your content will be published on our blog if our editors are contented.