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Are you passionate about sports? Do you feel you can write a lot about sports? Do you desire to be a sports journalist? Here is a chance for you. We were hoping you could help us develop sports write for us guest posts. We have millions of readers on our website, and you are welcome to present your best pieces to these readers.

However, we need consistently high-quality work if you are writing for us. Therefore, we have set up guidelines for you to follow in coming up with the best work. If you can follow the guidelines and come up with quality posts, send them to;

What are the benefits of writing for us?

We encourage you to include your author’s profile in every post. The author’s profile is the key to the benefits as it provides the readers with a way of reaching you.

The author’s profile should be brief, with about 100 words. It should contain your social media details, your backlink, and details about your profession. Also, you can include a personal image.

Helps you improve your writing

Our guidance tips ensure that you can write as best as you can. Our recommendations are tailor-made to help you improve your writing. The best way to improve as an author is through experience. The more you write, the better you become.

You can write for us at any time and improve your skills at a comfortable pace. As you write more, you can generate more high-quality content establishing you as an author in the market.

Build your brand

If you write good, informative, and high-quality articles, people will want to know the writer behind the piece. Through your author’s bio, the readers can access you. It will help you gain visibility to many people, improving your online person. Your brand will also grow as you identify yourself as an expert in the sports niche.

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Writing guidelines

When you write to us, ensure your article follows the following;

  • Article’s length- We do not accept short posts. We want posts that are above 800 words. The posts should reflect your ideas, and each word should carry meaning. Filler words should not be in your post.
  • Originality- Write to us something unique. It should be at least 90% unique as we will not accept any plagiarized content.
  • Keywords- Include target keywords in your posts. Ensure they appear naturally in your posts and include them in your subheadings.
  • Content structuring- Include at least 2-3 subheadings in your text. Use short sentences and long paragraphs.

Submission guidelines

If you can tailor your content to fit what we need, write down sports write for us articles. Please send us editable documents as we reserve the right to edit your submission before publishing it. You can send your pieces to us through your email at;