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What do we want?

We are very specific on the kind of guest posts we post on our site. Our objective is to inform and present something readable to our audiences. To achieve this, we have developed specific guidelines to guide you on exactly what we need.

Specify the topic

We want you to be very specific. SEO is a general topic in which you can talk about a lot of things, and talking about all these things will not generate good content. Therefore, we urge you to choose a specific topic under SEO, focusing on a particular factor. For example, you can choose to talk about backlinks, content generation, or authority links.

Article’s length

When generating a topic, ensure you have good quality information about the topic. We require something helpful to the readers and not anything with filler words. We recommend a topic where you can constructively analyze details and give your perspective in more than 800 words. Each comment in the post should inform and seek to educate.

Be original and unique

We want plagiarism-free articles that we can rely on on our website. To get unique pieces, we advise you to offer your experiences and the lessons you have learned in your engagement in search engine optimization.

We prefer experiences rather than cliché tips that many other authors like to write. Be original and provide your perspective. We do not restrict anyone from offering their opinions.

Reference your article

If you are sourcing from other websites, ensure that you include the source in your work. You can incorporate hyperlinks from other websites as long as they are not our competitors. It is best to link to high authority websites such as magazines, Wikipedia, or Forbes. Linking to high authority websites makes your content to be more reliable.

Structuring your content

There are specific ways to structure your content to make it more readable to your audience. One way is to ensure that you put subheadings in your work to allow the reader to know the flow of your work. Include lists such as bullets and steps in your work. Short sentences are recommendable as they are easier to read.

Concluding your work

At the end of the guest post, include a key takeaway in your work. The conclusion is where you get to answer your specific topic. The final remarks should highlight your unique ideas and your opinion regarding the topic.

Why write for us?

Writing for us will benefit both you and us. If you write for us, many benefits are waiting for you. These include;

Increasing your online presence

We allow you to include an author’s bio in your guest post. The author’s bio includes your details, social media details, and your photograph. When readers read your article, they can know the author behind your writing. The readers can identify you as an SEO expert who can help them.

Enhance SEO

You know that backlinks enhance your SEO ranking if you are an SEO expert. You also understand that writing in guest blogs is more likely to improve your ranking than writing on your website. Through your guest blogs, you can target audiences by using keywords. We encourage you to use targeting keywords to compose your posts. It would be best to place the keywords naturally and on the subheadings for better results.

Submission guidelines

If you can write articles following our guidelines, you are welcome to send them. Send the pieces in an editable format because we can edit them before publishing them. Send in your articles using your emails to: