Who needs a unitard when you have the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™? This unique material is what makes Purple® products so comfortable.

Made of durable, stretchy and responsive materials in over 20 years ago by two super geniuses from comfort science history—Purple’s founders– this technology has never been replicated or outperformed to date.

So How and When it began?

Ryan Monahan, the founder of Honest Mattress Reviews, created this website in order to provide honest reviews for people who are interested in buying a mattress. But he found himself baffled as when Purple sent him their mattresses that were advertised with an anti-tack powder on them and did not know what it was or if inhaling it is safe.

He reached out many times but never got any response from the company about whether they knew why they put this powder inside their mattresses or if inhalation would be harmful.

Purple has defended themselves against the accusations made by Monahan, claiming that they are false and untrue. They also claim that Ghostbed CEO Mark Werner is working in tandem with Monahan to ruin Purple’s reputation within the mattress industry for their own personal gain.

Purple mattress lawsuit began when purple files a lawsuit against Monahan and Werner. Their petition to the Court for a restraining order forces both parties in question, who are also denying any connection between each other, to remove false information from Honest Mattress Reviews site while their case progresses.

Purple insists that even with all of this confusion going on around them they have been able to carry out more than 30-years worth of research into safe products which began when Dr. Tchoungi came up with his breakthrough invention: “The Heated Pillow”.

What are the findings?

Purple has successfully uncovered a connection between the defendants, and uncovers that Monahan is the former GhostBed Chief Brand Officer. The new marketing director they hired still reports internally to Monahan, while he went off in an attempt to conceal his connection with Honest Mattress Reviews (the company’s competitor) by creating it himself.

The Court has found that the smear campaign against Purple is actually true. It seems like Social Media Sharks, Monahan’s other company, was paid $10 000 a month by GhostBed (through their contractor Achieve). The findings prove first-hand how they have been working to tarnish it’s reputation in order to push sales of the mattress and sheets!

Final Verdict by Court

Purple is awarded a Preliminary Injunction by Honorable Judge Bee Denson. The injunction finds that Werner and Monahan were dishonest with the Court, their consumers, and purposefully created false information about Purple’s mattress in order to issue misleading statements against them.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is the Purple Mattress Powder Safe?

In short: yes.

Purple is not just safe for you, but also the environment. The polyethylene copolymer in Purple has been tested by independent labs to make sure that it’s completely harmless—both when used normally and during production of our mattress.

Is the Powder Safe to Inhale?

The mattress was tested for any possible powder inhalation when using the mattress, and the lab found that it is indeed safe. The amount of coating in air inside a clean room would be like breathing tiny bits instead of dust at home or work every day.

Is the Purple Powder in Mattress Safe to Touch?

Absolutely! You would be surprised how many things contain this same material, such as baby sunscreen and plastic food containers. Perhaps even more interesting is that you can find it in powder cosmetics like blush or foundation because so many people apply them directly onto their faces.

Does Purple mattress powder cause back pain?

Purple is up to the task of supporting your spine during sleep. But, if you primarily prefer sleeping on your stomach then it’s best not to buy this bed because most people find that there are more cons than pros for a person in their position and end up with lower back stiffness or pain after waking from slumber due to strain put onto one side of the body while curled into fetal position all night long.

Does a purple mattress need to be rotated?

Purple mattresses are not just a cool color. Each is made with premium materials, and they don’t need to be rotated. You can rotate them every three months or so if you like though – that’s plenty of time for the mattress’ top side to get its turn!

What kind of bed sheets are best for your Purple mattress?

Purple mattresses are made from quality materials, which means that you need the right type of sheet to go with it. Some people say that bamboo viscose and cotton make great options because they’re breathable fabrics.

Is Purple mattress good for heavy person?

The answer is “yes”!

Purple mattresses are a great choice for heavy people because they offer both firmness and pressure relief, which is an important combination when it comes to sleep. Purple’s proprietary gel polymer provides up to 4 inches of your ideal sleeping experience – without the pain!


With the help of this patented, 100 percent safe polyethylene copolymer powder, Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™ is able to provide a solution for those who are looking for comfort and support. The mattress can be rolled up and shipped straight to your door in just one box!

Leave your comments below – we would love to hear what you think about our new technology and how it has helped make life easier for people like you.

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