For most wives and girlfriends, the phrase ‘man cave’ is one that comes with instant dread. However, the term ‘man cave’ is often frowned upon as it doesn’t include the fairer sex and doesn’t define those who simply want to remove themselves from society to enjoy personal time to partake in leisurely activities.

Amongst the ongoing pandemic, in which people are having to spend a prolonged amount of time in isolation after just over a year in lockdown- it’s crucial that we ensure our personal spaces are sufficient and comfortable enough for us to spend time in.

Adding a ‘man cave’ to any property is a wise investment, as it can add value to your house, and if you’re ever considering selling your home it will appeal to prospective buyers. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, perhaps adding a man cave is a great option, and here at We Buy Any House have prepared a list of helpful tips.

Check Requirements:

Measure and planning the requirements of the cave is essential before you start thinking about design and decoration.

If you’re planning on installing electrical equipment or a little en suite, then you will need to take a look at the wiring, outlets and water system to ensure things don’t need an upgrade or an addition- this way you can begin installing electricals and your bathroom carefully and safely.

Insulating and Soundproofing:

The typical man cave tends to be in a part of the house that is away from the main functions of the home- such as a garage, basement or shed. Due to this, it’s vital that you properly insulate your space- as comfort is key and you don’t want to be hanging out in a freezing space.

Another worthy investment is soundproofing the room, which is essential if you’re prone to playing video games or rowdy poker nights. If you’re wanting to soundproof on a budget, carpets and thick textiles work best- such as large and woolly carpets which will absorb sound well and keep in the heat.

Picking the Space:

Ensure you choose a space that will allow you to maximise your designated area. You will need a space that can comfortably fit all your appliances, seating area and bar (if you opt to have one!).

Think shed, garage, basement- or even a large spare bedroom. Whatever your choice is, remember to be practical- if the space is smaller than you anticipated, perhaps cut back on the furniture.

Colour Scheme:

Colour scheme is imperative in aiding the atmosphere and vibe of a room. The overall feel of the room will depend on the colour scheme you choose- which is all down to the image of the room you have in your head.

If you’re thinking of a sophisticated and elegant 1960s room, mid-tone colours such as Taupe grey work best, or a deep navy blue. Alternatively, if you want a fun, games-filled room complete with pool tables and dart boards, then you may want to add brighter colours to make the room seem bigger.

Go Big or Go Home:

If money is no object when it comes to your man cave, then bigger is always better. Install all the gimmicks- from a bowling alley to a full-blown bar- you really want to give it the ‘wow factor’.

This way your man cave will be much more impressive than just a sofa and the flat screen in the room and will also encourage you to make the most of the space.

You Don’t Always Have to Have a Theme:

Man caves that follow a theme are always a popular choice- but are not always compulsory. Some people use their man cave to build a miniature sports bar, movie theatres or a gaming nook- however this is not always the best approach to a man cave.

Following a theme is okay, but if it’s not for you don’t feel obliged to incorporate one. Alternatively, if you want something in the room that doesn’t necessarily go with the theme, don’t be afraid and add it in.

It’s All in the Details:

Make your man cave feel like a piece of you by adding in smaller personalised details. No matter its purpose, your man cave will always be your private sanctuary- and a place to go when you feel like you need to unwind.

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