Enrolling in a short makeup course is the starting point of your makeup career!

The exciting world of makeup is very attractive so making the step to start learning professional makeup skills to apply makeup on clients is the beginning of a new journey!

But what are you really going to learn with a short makeup course?


One of the most important requirements, when you apply makeup on clients, is to follow strict hygiene guidelines. The occupational health and safety requirements for makeup artists provide strict procedures to avoid cross-contamination. A short makeup course will teach you how you can use the same products on several clients and avoid contaminating your kit.

A makeup kit must be used for your clients only and high standards of hygiene must be provided to avoid infection spread and apply makeup on a range of clients. Your reputation is essential when working as a freelance makeup artist, doing the mistake of not respecting the hygiene standard can impact your work for the future.

-Building your kit!

The products you will use on clients or for a film or photoshoot are not the same as the ones you use in your bathroom. A short makeup course will help you understand the requirements for building a kit, and select appropriate textures and colours to set up a professional makeup kit.

The products used by makeup artists must be suitable for a long-lasting makeup application and should be able to be mixed together. You will need to have a good understanding of the cosmetics ingredients and how to select products for each skin type and skin condition. Professional brands are often the choice for pro makeup artists as the products are suitable for private clients but also for editorial or film work.

-Designing makeup:

When a client asks for natural makeup, it might not exactly mean ‘natural makeup’ as you understand it. Performing a client consultation will help you understand what your client wants and design a makeup that exactly suits their needs. 

It is essential to learn how to ask the right questions and explain what makeup you are going to apply to avoid disappointment. A short makeup course in Melbourne will provide you with the knowledge of designing a face chart and create a makeup plan to expose your ideas to your clients.

-Applying makeup!

Of course, you are going to learn how to create night and day makeup looks! A short course will teach you the essentials of a makeup application like eyeliner, smokey eyes, red lipstick and of course day makeup and bridal makeup! Learning the techniques for the most requested looks will be the first start to provide professional makeup services.

You will also learn corrective makeup and how to create a flawless canvas to work on selecting the right products and techniques for camouflage and contouring. It is essential to understand the different skin types and facial shapes to create bespoke makeup for each of your clients.

-Colour theory:

Colour theory is one of the most important things for a makeup artist! Understanding how to colour match, select your products, mixing colours, selecting the appropriate colour palettes for your clients is a must for any makeup artist.

It might take time to adapt your eyes and identify the subtle changes between colours but a makeup course will teach you the fundamentals of colour theory.

-The makeup artist etiquette:

Working as a freelance makeup artist is different from working in an office. You would need to understand how to communicate with your clients, how to dress up for a job and how to promote your services. A short makeup course is also essential if you want to assist a professional makeup artist and start building your network.

You can learn a lot from experienced makeup artists but they will require you to know how to prep the skin, clean brushes, perform a client consultation and do touch-ups services. You must have a minimum amount of knowledge to start working in the makeup industry which can only be learned by following a nationally recognised course.

-Develop your creativity:

Once you have the essential knowledge of makeup application, you can start designing your own creative looks. You must know the basics to be able to create different types of makeup. Working with bright colours, creating different effects and textures can be learned with a short makeup course, so you can then explore your own creative path.

Finally, enrolling in a short makeup course is the best way to know if you have chosen the right career path for you! If you think makeup is for you but still have doubts about committing to a diploma course, you can always test with shorter options. A short makeup course will also prepare you for the diploma course, giving you essential knowledge and skills to start this new journey with confidence!

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