Are you interested in writing with us at and making creative content about outdoor and sports? Our site is now welcoming creative writers who are knowledgable about these topics to share their ideas and experiences about these.

We want our readers to know more about what there is to know about sports and the outdoors.

Guest Posting for our Outdoor and Sport Articles

We are currently looking for guest writers who have the knowledge and passion to write outdoor and sports-related content. This is to let our readers be shown with the knowledge that you’re willing to offer to us.

We would like to partner with content creators that can give our site well-written articles that are brimming with creativity. This helps us grow our community that’s filled with outdoor and sports enthusiasts that want to know more about these topics.

Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post

We welcome any guest bloggers who want to contribute to our site with their blogposts. If you want to send us a post, you should follow our guidelines in order for us to accept your article.

  • Your post needs to have at least 700 words in it.
  • It needs to contain at least 2 images related to the topic. Each photo needs to have a width of 1,200 pixels.
  • Make sure that your post is all 100% original. We only want original content placed on our site. Copying other sources can lead to issues regarding copyright laws.
  • Topics that contain Bitcoin, Gambling, CBD, Adult, and Casino related content isn’t accepted in our site. We only want outdoor and sports-related posts that coincide with the other topics that contain in our site.

When Your Post is Published at

Once you’re the post that you’ve shared with us is shown to reach the standards of our sites, it will then be approved and posted to The following benefits will then be given to your post.

  • MOZ DA: 35.and 0 Spam Score
  • The post that you’ve contributed to us will permanently exist on our site. This allows readers to view the ideas you’ve shared anytime that they want.
  • You’ll be given 2 Dofollow backlinks to your post.
  • Your post will have a full-on assurance that it’s going to be indexed by Google.
  • All posts that’s been contributed by our guests will not have any guest/ sponsored tagged in it.

Do You Want to Submit a Post?

Once you’re ready to pass your guest post to us, please submit it here at We will then review the post to see if it meets our quality so expect us to give you a reply within 24 hours.