Are you interested in writing creative content for Then you can become one of our guest content creators for lifestyle and health-related articles. We’re always interested in having original content on our site. 

If you are passionate enough about these topics, then we want you to share that knowledge with our readers. We want to have your quality content posted on our site so we would be able to share what you know and help our readers be more informed about the topics.

Writers Needed for

We are searching for talented writers who are willing to contribute their expertise regarding health and lifestyle-related topics. Experts such as researches, health care professionals, and even lifestyle & fitness enthusiasts are welcome to show the community about everything they know about health and wellness.

Having writers who are passionate about the topic will help further explain to our community about these fields. Our goal is to let our readers be more informed about these topics which can help them in their daily lives.

The articles we’re looking for are ones that exude creativity and are able to help inspire our fast-growing community that wants to know more about health and lifestyle. These articles must also be well written and properly explained so our readers are able to fully understand the content.

Guidelines for Submitting Guest Posts

If you want to become one guest writer and create content for health and lifestyle articles, then follow these guidelines. Your sample should follow these in order for us to accept it.

  • The posts that you’re going to submit must have a minimum of 700 words. The content also needs to meet our quality standards and is able to clearly send the message that you’re giving to us very clearly.
  • Each post must have at least 2 pictures attached with a width of 1200 pixels. These photos need to be related to the topic that you are writing.
  • You should submit a post that you’ve created by yourself. We do not accept copies that have been taken from other sources as it violates copyright laws. We also like to have our own original quality content posted to our site.
  • Content that contains gambling, Bitcoin, CBD, Adult, and Casino Related content isn’t accepted in our site. We want our posts to be as far away to these topics as we want to concentrate on only health and lifestyle.

Where to Submit Your post?

If you’re ready to submit your post and become one of our site contributors then send it to You will be notified if your article has been accepted and published within 24 hours.

Why publish guest posts with us?

  • You will get a minimum of 3 to follow backlinks in your post.
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