Although several people are well aware of what basically constitutes liposuction, many still continue to believe various types of misconceptions regarding the same. In case you are planning to undergo liposuction in the near future, it’s important to get your facts straight.

10 facts about liposuction everybody should know about. 

Here is the list of the top 10 facts you should know before undergoing liposuction of any type. This will help you get a realistic picture of what exactly the procedure constitutes.  

liposuction facts

Fact 1: Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity

Liposuction should not be mistaken as a weight-loss procedure. It is true that to some extent there is some weight loss after the procedure but it is not a cure for excessive weight gain or obesity.

The main objective of liposuction is to reshape some parts of the body so that there is an overall enhancement of body contour. Doctors recommend patients to maintain at least 30% of their ideal body weight before undergoing liposuction. It solely depends on the patient’s will to continue living a healthier lifestyle as it has no effect on what the person consumes. If you’re considering liposuction and want to learn more about the procedure, its benefits, and potential risks, click here for detailed information provided by experienced professionals in the field.

Fact 2: It doesn’t cure cellulite nor does it tightens the skin

Cellulite is the condition in which the skin in the thigh region appears like a dimple. Unfortunately, this needs to be kept in mind that liposuction diminishes the cellulite but it doesn’t cure it completely. It only helps to get rid of the saddlebags by removing the fat cells permanently.

Also, once the fat is removed from a specific part of the body, there can be some looseness in the skin as a side effect which is inevitable. The looseness gets cured over time with proper post-operative instructions. Hence, the doctor recommends undergoing an additional procedure to tighten the skin. 

Fact 3: You can gain weight after liposuction 

In order to make sure that the results of liposuction remain permanent, you need to ensure that you don’t go back to living the unhealthy lifestyle that you were leading before.

In case, you return to the older habits of consuming fried foods and being a couch potato, the fat cells can return. However, these may not develop in the treated areas. Hence, it is advisable that you continue following a strict diet regimen as well as exercise regularly so that there is no accumulation of fat cells. 

Fact 4: It takes months to notice results 

Although several clinics claim that they offer instantaneous and dramatic results, this is not absolutely correct. To notice or experience results, it may take several months.

The patient needs to wear compression garments for several weeks to provide the proper shape of the body. One should know that there are reasons why wearing compression garments are important specially when recovering from a surgery. After this, he or she may also need to undertake a diet and exercise regime to tighten the skin.

This takes another 3-6 months. However, with the latest technology such as VASER liposuction now available at several clinics in Delhi such as Pristyn Care, the results only take 2-3 months to become visible. 

Fact 5: Possess several risks and complications 

Liposuction is a major surgery. People who think this otherwise are in for big trouble, especially during the recovery. Keep an open mind and accept the fact that there can be a risk of side effects after this procedure.

The right doctor will provide you proper instructions to follow before and after the procedure in order to reduce the chances of any mild or severe complications. Some of the side effects that have people have reported are-

  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Bruising 
  • Infection 
  • Accumulation of fluid 
  • Numbness of the treated area 
  • Change in skin sensation 
  • Deep vein thrombosis 
  • Swelling that doesn’t subside 
  • Poor healing of the wound 
  • Looseness of skin or worsening of cellulite 
  • Uneven, wavy or bumpy skin due to poor skin elasticity 

Fact 6: Recovery is very crucial 

A well-experienced surgeon suggests proper instructions to follow after the procedure that makes sure that the recovery is as seamless as possible. As mentioned earlier that the side effects are inevitable, the recovery period is essential after liposuction.

It is of utmost importance that you follow the do’s and don’ts provided by the doctor during the discharge so that recovery is not as uncomfortable as anticipated. 

Fact 7: Additional procedures can be done 

As this is a body enhancement procedure, several people choose to undergo additional procedures for reshaping the body. Doctors recommend undergoing these additional procedures only when it is required. 

The best part is that these are absolutely safe to undergo. Several women undergo facelift or breast surgery as additional procedures when they choose to undergo liposuction. 

Fact 8: Removes fat from several parts of the body 

Several people have a misconception that the procedure removes fat from the abdomen only. This is absolutely not true. The fact is that the majority of people opt to undergo liposuction specifically around the abdomen. There are other target areas that can be cured with liposuction.

Women choose to undergo liposuction primarily in the breasts, hips, outer thighs, inner thighs, back of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms, neck, chin, and the abdomen. While men prefer to treat their ‘love handles’, breasts, abdomen, chin, and neck region for enhancement of the body shape. 

Fact 9: Resume work within a couple of days 

The complete recovery of liposuction takes several months. Although doctors often give their green signal to resume daily activities within a couple of days, it is best to take proper rest for at least a week. Try to work from home for the initial days and perform only light activities. In case you are wearing a compression garment and have undergone the laser-assisted liposuction, you can get back to work within 2 days. 

Fact 10: Doesn’t remove all the fat from the body 

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove stubborn fat cells. However, keep this mind that it doesn’t remove all the fat cells from the body. It only sucks out fat cells from the specific part of the body where it is treated and does not have any effect on any other part of the body. 


Liposuction has become a common procedure that people are undergoing around the globe. Hence, with growing demand, the associated misinformation related to this procedure is also spreading fast. Get in touch with doctors and cosmetic surgeons to clear all your doubts before undergoing the procedure. 


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