No one likes uncomfortable gear. Whether you’re preparing for a big race or looking for stylish commuter gear, it’s important to know how long your gear will last. Compare the average lifespans of different pieces of gear and find out where to go to pick up affordable motorcycle helmets online today.

Most gear gives you pretty obvious signs that it’s time to check out online sales for new pieces. Gloves fray, jackets rip, sunglasses break and pants wear through in the seat and knees.

Replacing your gear is about more than style. Most motorcycle gear doubles as stylish duds and layers of protection. This makes it essential to keep track of each place and replace it when it loses its protective value. Every piece of gear protects a part of you, so make sure it’s all ready to ride before you hop on your bike.

Inspect your boots for signs of wear on the soles. The toes in particular can wear down through years of adjusting on your bike. Check out the ankles, fasteners and other areas as well for any signs of holes. Old boots don’t give you the ankle support you need in the event of an accident, so you may be more likely to suffer an injury while wearing old boots.

Your helmet is the most important piece of gear you’ll wear on a bike. It’s important to inspect your helmet frequently, but you should also check the manufacturer’s warranty. Most helmets expire between three and five years, while some can last up to seven years.

You shouldn’t try to wear a helmet longer than seven years. This rule-of-thumb ensures the protective foam and other materials are in peak condition in the event of an accident. Always replace your helmet if you’ve been in an accident while wearing it.

When in doubt, upgrade it. A helmet that’s three years old, a jacket with a few worn patches or a pair of floppy boots aren’t worth the safety risk they pose. A tumble on two wheels is a dangerous event, so you should consider all the ways you can make it safer for you and any passengers. Your passenger needs all the same gear you do. Your helmet and jacket won’t stop your passenger from becoming injured in the event of an accident.

Honda Motorcycle Gear

Why You Should Buy Honda Motorcycle Gear

Looking for a high-quality brand for your next piece of gear? You can’t go wrong with Honda. Whether you’re riding a Honda or not, Honda motorcycle parts, jackets and other gear offer reliable protection and high-quality style.

Compare jackets to find one that matches your street cruising, dirt bike racing or other method of two-wheeled transportation. Invest in a reliable brand for long-lasting performance.

Where To Find the Best Gear Online

Compare helmets, motorcycle batteries, jackets and other gear and accessories online to prepare for your next ride. Dust off that old bike or hop on your daily cruiser with confidence thanks to quality gear that keeps you safe. Because safety is the new cool for motorcycle riders.

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