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Style, functionality, and comfort is something that the clothing industry strives to achieve. Thanks to new technology, our clothes are evolving into smart textiles. One great example of this is our footwear.

Modern shoes offer various techs and upgrades to improve performance. Nike was the first to introduce them in 1970 when he created the waffle trainer. Now, various brands offer different features to promote comfort and durability.

One simple but essential and long-debated feature is high top vs. low top sneakers. In this article, we discuss which the better option is between high top vs. low top sneakers. Read on to find out more!

A History of Sneaker Tech

Today, sneakers are a popular sneaker in everyone’s shoe wardrobe. It comes in a variety of styles and designs. But one of the reasons for its popularity is due to its technology.

Sneakers improved support, cushioning, and materials over the last century. Here are some of the sneaker technologies that you may be familiar with.

Arch Support

Sneakers have a magic wedge to provide arch support approved by orthopedists. This tech will help allocate weight. The even distribution helps reduce strain and other injuries.

Sticky Soles

Some sneaker designs came with sticky soles for running. These ridges could absorb shock and had road-gripping ridges.

Cushion Comfort

Some shoes like the Onitsuka Tiger features extra cushion on their soles. These soles, made of springy plastic, helped relieve strain on your feet.

Waffle Grip

Waffle grip shoes were ideal shoes for runners. The spikes on waffle grip shoes absorbed the shock and had a tight grip.

High Top Sneakers vs. Low Top Sneakers

High top sneakers were only a recent innovation. Many still debate over the better shoe between high top vs. low top sneakers. Whether you’re a regular skater or a basketball player, both shoes can offer many pros and cons.

High Tops

High top sneakers are heavier than low top sneakers. High top shoes cover the ankle completely and have higher cuffs. Many believe that high tops can provide better ankle support because it laces up to above your ankle.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing high top shoes.

Better Ankle Support

High top shoes come with a large fabric cuff that covers your ankle. This allows it to give better ankle support. It prevents your ankle from rolling, breaking, or moving in the wrong direction.

Your ankles and feet are complex parts that move and support your body. Abrupt stops and changing directions at high speeds will likely lead to an injury. High top shoes will support your ankle by giving them limited motion.

Better Protection

High top shoes provide better cushions to protect its user. The extra padding prevents injuries like blisters and plantar fasciitis. Many high top shoes are wider than most shoes.

The extra space is a great benefit for athletes. If you’re prone to foot injuries while playing, these shoes can give you better protection. High top shoes tend to last longer than low top shoes, thanks to their tough construction.

If you often play sports like basketball, high top shoes can be a great investment. However, these shoes come with some disadvantages.

Heavier Shoes

The tougher construction on high top shoes makes them heavier than low tops. The extra fabric adds weight that can affect some movements. Jumping and fast-changing movements can be a little harder to execute.

Restricts Movement

The extra fabric meant to support your ankle can also restrict movement. High top shoes may give you less flexibility than low top shoes. When wearing high top shoes, you may move slower.

Less Breathable

High top shoes have extra material that makes it less breathable than low tops. This can lead to sweaty feet and give you an uncomfortable overall experience.

Prone to Injury Over Time

Wearing high top shoes on a daily basis may cause more injuries over time. Healthcare professionals believe that the cuffs may prevent your muscles from proper movement. If you want to wear high top shoes, reserve them for athletic events.

Low Top Shoes

Low top shoes stop right below your ankle. Low top shoes lack the same mechanical support that high top shoes could offer you. Check out these Revenge X Storms low top shoes for some great options.

While low top shoes can’t offer the same benefits as high tops, they still have great benefits. Here are a few.


Free Movement

One of the benefits of low top shoes is that they make maneuvers easier. Since low top shoes don’t cover your ankle, they can offer a wider range of motion. Low top shoes can also give you more flexibility.

Jumping and quick turns are easier and more comfortable with low top shoes. In general, low top shoes are easier to wear.

Less Weight

Low top shoes won’t get weighed down by weight from the extra fabric on high tops. While a few grams may go unnoticed, the extra weight could affect a basketball player’s game. Low top shoes are lighter and can lift you off higher from the ground.

More Breathable

Low top shoes give your feet more room to breathe easy. Without the extra fabric, your feet can stay cool and less sweaty.

But before you buy low top shoes, consider the following disadvantages.

Less Protection

Wearing low top shoes for stunts like skating or basketball can be more dangerous than high tops. Extreme stunts make your ankles prone to injury. Nothing will protect your ankle for bumps and other injuries.

No Ankle Support

The lack of extra material prevents your ankle from receiving extra support. Common injuries you may get from sports include sprained, twisted, and broken ankles. Low top shoes are best reserved for casual wear.

Choose Between High Top vs. Low Top Now!

There are many benefits and disadvantages between high top vs. low top shoes. High top shoes can offer better support while low top shoes give more flexibility. The choice is up to you!

Of course, there’s more to learn when it comes to buying sneakers. For more advice, we encourage you to read our other product guides and lists right here, today!

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