If you have tried to transport a car, you will know the risks behind it. You may have to transport it due to various reasons. From shifting houses or sending it to another location for different purposes, transporting a car in Australia involves taking all precautions.

You have to ensure that it is secured with proper car tie-down straps and that it does not budge from the placed spot in a trailer. This is a vital step, as numerous accidents happen every year due to not securing vehicles properly. They have to be transported slowly and checked to see if they change position while moving.

There are other steps you need to follow to secure your car; they are:

Securing it with Tie Straps

Tie straps help secure small vehicles. They use the trailer’s weight to ensure your car is steady. This has to be securely attached to ensure that no harm befalls your vehicle. These may not fit if your vehicle has large tires.

  1. It would help if you wrapped a lasso around the front tire of your car. Grab the lasso strap and insert the open end and pull it out through the open end. Then secure it around the tire tightly. You have to ensure that it covers your hubcap.
  2. While threading your lasso strap through the ratchet strap, pull the open end of it. It has to go in via the centre of the ratchet strap buckle. Make sure to leave some space for slack. Crank the handle 4-5 times to connect the straps.
  3. Most car tie-down straps have two metal clips. Hook one to the end of the lasso strap that you have looped. High tensile bolts are used to withstand the weight; you do not have to worry about safety.
  4. Hook the ratchet strap to the front D-ring on the left. Look for the left front D-ring of the trailer once you have connected the other. After this step, join the open end of the strap to the D-ring. D-rings are inset rings that are bolted into the corner of vehicles.
  5. Make sure to tighten the straps. Check twice if both your lasso strap and ratchet strap are well-connected and secure. Move the ratchet’s handle to tighten it accordingly.
  6. One thing you have to keep in mind while tightening the straps is that you have to ensure they are not in contact with your vehicle’s body. If so, loosen them up and reposition them so as not to harm the car.
  7. Repeat the same process with each wheel. Once you have completed it, go around to check each wheel and make sure there are no errors or loose connections.

Some important things to note

  • Merely attach and avoid tightening the trailer’s safety chain. If there is a rear safety chain, attach it to the cars’ front.
  • Double-check your straps. Ensure they are tight and hold down everything correctly. Specifically, please pay attention that they are not crushing the body of your car, oil lines, or brake lines. They are usually in the bottom and look similar to thin cords.
  • Take the trailer around for a test drive in a safe space around your block. Ensure that your car does not budge or shift places while in movement.


It is vital for every owner that their care or vehicle is safe. So it is better to take all precautions than to be sorry later. Follow the necessary steps, and it will be an easy task.

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