Flowers are the ultimate decor to any home. They brighten occasions such as weddings and anniversaries and also they have different symbolism attached to them.

There is a whole field dedicated to the study language of flowers which is floriography. The symbolism will depend on the type, colour, as well as the number of flowers given.

If you wish to send a special message to a person you care for, it is best to say it with flowers. There is a myriad of flowers to choose from that can express what you feel. You can either visit a flower shop or buy flowers online. But be sure you choose from a vendor who offers an array of fresh blooms.

However, the advantage with online flower gift shops is that they’ll have readily cut flowers sourced from all over the world, and you don’t have to worry if your message can only be expressed by an exotic flower that may not be available in your local flower shop. Here are some warm emotions commonly associated with flowers:


  • Red roses are popularly associated with love and are given on Valentine’s Day. It symbolizes enduring passion.
  • Dahlias are flowers which are great for anniversaries. It conveys the lasting bond and commitment shared by two people.
  • Tulips convey the perfection of love. You can offer your loved one red tulips which symbolize true love. It may just be the perfect bloom to offer the love of your life.
  • Carnations typically stand for love as well as fascination. But the colour of the carnation will have varying meanings. Red carnations symbolize admiration while dark reds convey deep love and affection. White carnations can be given to signify pure love as well as to wish your significant other luck. Pink carnations are associated with mothers and convey everlasting motherly

(Note: Although some unique coloured carnations are a bit uncommon to find in a local flower shop. In that case, you  can buy flowers online and choose from a complete collection of blooms.)

  • Lady’s mantle blooms are given to convey comforting love. You may want to choose these blooms to offer someone who is going through a tough challenge. It lets them know you’re there for them.
  • Red Camellia have passionate symbolism and convey your deep desire for your significant other


  • Yellow roses are the ultimate symbol of friendship and joy. When you show up at your friend’s dinner party, yellow roses are the perfect blooms to bring as a gift.
  • Freesias are blooms known for their delicate flowers and convey innocence as well as deep thoughts.
  • Stocks are the ultimate flower to give your best friends. It symbolizes happiness and bonds of affection.
  • Alstroemeria has power symbolism and conveys wealth, prosperity, and fortune.


  • Lavender roses have a delicate hue that seems like magical pixie dust. Because of this, they symbolize enchantment as well as love at first sight. It is the ideal bouquet to offer at the blossoming of romance.
  • Sweet Williams symbolizes masculinity and gallantry. Flowers are often presented to women, but Sweet Williams is fit for a man to be presented with.
  • Orchids are exotic, and some varieties are extremely rare. They have a delicate beauty that is sought after by many flower enthusiasts. Historically they are associated with masculinity, but in modern times they have a more feminine symbolism.
  • Offer Amaryllis to someone you find stunningly beautiful. It also sends a message that you value them beyond their beauty.
  • Camellias are given to those you love and feel admiration for. It conveys your affection. You may want to choose white Camellias to show your adoration and pink ones to convey your longing. Offer pink Camellias to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. It may just be the perfect flowers to send for those in a long-distance relationship.


Flowers have enduring symbolism that has been utilized since ancient times. Its meaning has evolved through the ages and is the ultimate gift for your significant other. Offer these blooms to the significant people in your life and communicate the message of your heart.

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