Fashion is a fun way to express your inner self through your outward appearance. Wearing watches and bracelets on the same wrist is just another way to play with your inner mood and show off your outer style.

Is there a right way to wearing a bracelet with a watch? We think there are some guidelines to follow to create your best look.

If you’re wondering how to wear a bracelet with a watch, then read this article for some helpful tips.

How to Wear a Bracelet With a Watch?

Wearing a bracelet—or bracelets for that matter—with your watch can enhance your watch and overall look. But what’s the right way to go about it?

To start, you want to make sure any bracelets worn with your watch won’t damage it. Wearing a diamond-studded gold bracelet along with a gold watch might look dazzling, but the diamonds are bound to scratch and damage your watch.

Choose The Right Material to Match

If your watch has a theme then it’s a good idea to choose bracelets materials that match that theme. For example, a watch with a leather band will look good with bracelets of similar tones of leather.

A silver metal banded watch will look good with bracelets fashioned with similar metal tones. Looking for bracelets to wear with your watch? Check out https://www.wholesalesparkle.com/ for good deals on fashionable bracelets.

Frame Your Watch

Think of your watch as being the focal point where all eyes will lead to. Frame your watch with bracelets on either side so as to “steer” the eyes towards the watch. This will create a seamless and appealing look.

Choose Size Proportions for a Stylish Look

Wearing a tiny gold watch with a dainty band will get lost in a stack of giant gold chain bracelets. Try not to overpower your watch with too many pieces of jewelry. If you can’t find your watch when you need to tell the time, then you know you’ve gone too far.

Create an Art Piece

Sometimes art makes sense—and sometimes it doesn’t. However, one thing about art that’s true is it always makes a statement. This observation can be said about fashion as well—in this case wearing a watch with bracelets.

When you match your watch and bracelets together, think of it as putting together an art piece on display. What impression do you want to give off with your accessories? Looking at matching your watch and bracelets in this way will inspire you to try new looks.

Best Bracelets to Wear With Watches

The best bracelets to wear with watches are the ones that accentuate the watch you’re wearing. They frame the watch in a way that draws eyes to it. After reading this article you should now. know how to wear a bracelet with a watch.

What bracelets do you like to wear with your watches? If you found this article useful, check out our other fashion articles in our blog section.

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