The average American spends between 30 and 60 minutes every day preparing meals. This estimated time depends on other factors, such as the efficiency of the oven used. When you experience oven problems, the estimated time you use to prepare an average meal more than doubles.

Most ovens come with a stove to boot. This makes them an integral appliance in any kitchen. Even so, a slight functionality issue with your oven can have a significant impact on your food preparation routine. Nothing is more frustrating than an oven not working.

Have you experienced a breakdown of your oven in recent times? When your oven starts to act up, it could either be a simple technical hitch or a more severe concern. Here, we discuss the various gas oven problems, which may lead to your oven, not working. If you’d like more information about gutter cleaning be sure to visit Bax Clean.

The Gas Burner Won’t Light Up 

Sometimes, the gas burner on your oven won’t light up. If you’re using a gas stove, the option is to use a match stick if the electric ignition fails. However, if the burner won’t light up despite your attempt to use a match, then it may be time to troubleshoot.

The first place to check is the power supply. If the power supply is okay, then the issue could be technical. You can troubleshoot by first lifting the burner grate, the burner cap, and the burner base.

Once you lift these components, clean any food debris that may be under the surfaces. You can use a toothpick during this process. You can also clean the grate, cap, and case to ensure that nothing limits the flow of gas.

Further, you could consider checking the wires that connect the igniter. If these wires are loose, ensure that you fit them back in place. If these don’t work, your next best action is to call in the experts to check the oven.

The Gas Burner Won’t Light Up

When the Oven Burner Won’t Heat 

If you own an electric stove, at times, the range burner refuses to heat up. When this happens, there’s no need to panic. At times the oven burners go faulty, and the only solution is a replacement.

In case one of your electric burners won’t heat up, you could consider these remedial solutions.

First, switch off the faulty burner and replace it with a working burner. You can do this by unplugging the defective burner and replacing it with the active burner. If the other burner works, then it’s clear you need to replace the faulty one.

In case the working burner fails to work in the new slot, the issue is with the infinite switch. The problem could also be with the socket. You should check whether the socket has damages or burns and replace the affected part.

If the burner fails to work after replacing the socket, then you need to replace the infinite switch. You may also consider involving an expert in oven repairs if these attempts fail.

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When the Oven Doesn’t Heat to Optimum 

When you have used your oven for a while, you’ll notice when the stove doesn’t achieve the right temperature. Most times, this happens when you have been using your oven for a while without maintenance. When this happens, the problem is with the gas igniter or the oven’s heating element.

Your first check should be at the temperature sensor when the oven fails to heat to the optimum. Ensure that the sensor is functional by using an ohmmeter. Next, please verify that the heating element is also functioning, as it should.

Part of the reason for the oven not working could be faulty igniters or the heating element. You may consider replacing these components to restore the efficiency of the oven.

When the Interior Light Goes off  

One common issue with most light bulbs is the recurrence of sudden light out. When the interior light in your oven goes off, it becomes hard to keep track of the meal preparation process. You also don’t want to keep opening the oven door, especially when baking

One common cause of your oven not working well is the recurrence of faulty oven lights. You can start by trying out DIY solutions by giving the oven bulb a quarter-turn counterclockwise to see if the issue is with a loose connection. Next, you should consider replacing the oven bulb with a new working option.

When the Oven Fails to Self-Clean 

A fully functioning oven should be able to self-clean. This critical process enables the oven to operate normally after every cycle. Instances of the oven not working where the self-cleaning feature fails could signal a problem with the timers.

Ensure that the timers are in the correct mode. You should also check to confirm that you are correctly starting the cycle. In case there have been large spills of ash in the oven, you might need to conduct manual cleaning.

If these steps don’t help much, it might be time to consider a technician’s help. The self-cleaning cycle at times requires technical support to set the timers the proper way.

When the Oven Door Won’t Shut

When preparing your food, the oven door must remain shut at all times. However, at times due to varying reasons, the oven door may fail to close. When this happens, the first thing should be to unplug the oven, then turn off the gas.

It would help to then pull the door straight up and out to dismember it from the oven. If this isn’t possible, manually consider using a screwdriver to unscrew the door. Your next step should be to assess the state of the hinges and replace them in case they have underlying faults.

You may also remove any broken springs using pliers. This may require a team of experts to minimize the risk of further damage. An experienced technician will help you remove and replace the gaskets, silicone, or rubber that may be causing the door jam.

Call in the Experts When Oven Not Working

Ovens make the process of preparing meals quick and easy. However, there could be multiple reasons for an oven not working, which lead to immense frustrations. If you encounter any of these oven issues, the best thing to do is to call in an expert.

While some oven problems may be solvable through DIY, you need a pro to handle some complicated issues. It would help to ask for oven repair experts near you when this happens.

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