Parties and major gatherings are back on the agenda. After the last two years, we’re really embracing big events, with over 200,000 at Glastonbury and many of us planning ahead to other events this year.

With so many major events up and running, along with weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations all taking place again, catering businesses are being put through their paces. But the catering world is competitive and a lot goes into standing out among a sea of street food vans and cake making companies.

If you’re trying to boost your business potential as bookings start to come in, here are some ideas to help you bag that 30th birthday party or retirement do.

Tasting events

Everyone likes free food, so why not host tasting sessions where you can showcase your skills to potential clients? Here, you can explain your menu to guests face-to-face, giving them a chance to ask about your dishes in a relaxed, informal setting.

Don’t forget to use this as a promotional exercise, though. Dish out branded business cards during the event and create mini brochures filled with the menu you’re serving up this season.

Be a preferred vendor

As well as networking with potential clients, it’s worth making some contacts at local venues. Whether that’s a boutique B&B or a wedding venue, being listed as a preferred vendor indicates that you know how to serve up delicious meals.

Better still, if you bag a regular stint as a local caterer, you’re likely to be recommended by guests for other events. This will expand your business for offshoot parties and celebrations.

Book an influencer

Is there a local foodie influencer? If so, have a conversation with them about a potential food review. You’ll need to do your research to see how many followers they have and how much exposure you’ll get. From there, you can budget for their fee and plan what you’ll serve them.

Be social

You can also boost your own social media presence. Get your website in order, then showcase your business across Facebook, Instagram, and – if you’re prepared to do some dancing – TikTok.

Make sure you take fabulous photographs of your culinary creations and try making some Reels for Instagram to show off today’s specials.

Invite the press

As well as booking an influencer, why not invite the local media to review your food? Host a press night where you’re serving up dishes and accompanying drinks. This might bag you free coverage in the local paper along with some posts on local websites.

Feed them at food festivals

Is there a food festival taking place near you this summer? For a fee to pitch up your van or stall, you could make a healthy return on your investment, especially if the event is over the course of a few days.

What ideas do you have for boosting revenue this summer?

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