AC filters are installed in our house to give relief from the dust, dirt, air contaminants, particles, pet hair, or dander. The filters get dirty quickly as they catch considerable dirt and particles that build up on the AC filters.

However, you can enjoy excellent indoor air quality if you replace the filters properly and install the right size and type of AC air filters. Let’s know some more about the reasons behind your AC Filter getting dirty.

4 Reasons Why Your AC Filters Get Dirty So Fast

Your AC filters get dusty over time. If your AC filters don’t get dirty much, it proves your AC filters don’t work correctly to catch the particles and remove them from the house’s atmosphere.

However, you might be worried if your AC filters clog up quicker than usual. Too dirty AC air filters can damage your system’s efficiency and performance level. Now, let’s look at the situations that cause your AC filters to clog up faster than usual.

If You Have Pets in The House

Spending time with pets is a wonderful way to make the most of your free time. However, it is unpleasant that pets cause clog up in the AC air filters so quickly. They are great to give you company, but pet hair is an airborne contaminant that causes a significant problem to your filter. Do you have pets? Change your AC filters monthly if possible. You can also install an air cleaner to clean your house and maintain good airflow in your house.

If Your AC Filter Is cheap

It is not recommended to run for expensive things constantly, but sometimes it matters to buy quality things at a high price. It would help if you neither went for the highest-priced AC filters on the market nor the cheapest ones.

The cheap-rated AC air filters can be too dirty quickly if it is of low quality. The low-quality AC filters are less effective in performing their job expectedly. You will find cheap air filters, which are lucrative but cost less due to their short lifespan.

If Your Fan Is Set to On

If your AC system’s fan is set to ‘ON,’ the air in your home will get filtered constantly even if the cooling cycle of your system is not running. It is not necessary to always set the fan to ‘ON,’ which makes the AC filters dirty. So, switch it to ‘AUTO’ to see the difference in the AC filters.

If the House Size Is Big Enough to Get Lots of Pollutants

There are a lot of different things that might contribute to the presence of contaminants in your home.If your house has many family members and pets, the house tends to be more attacked by pollutants. If the air is full of contaminants, the air filters must struggle to trap them all and get dirty quickly. The amount of debris trapped in the air filter depends on the pollutants inside the house.

What to Do to Avoid Dirty Indoor Air Quality

You have already got the ideas about why the AC filters get dirty too fast. It is expected that you don’t want to stick to the problems you are facing due to dirty AC filters. Firstly, check the type of AC air filter you are using.

How often you change your AC air filter depends purely on the type of filter you use. So, purchase the air filter, which is perfectly suitable for your house’s size, pets, and family members. There are many other factors in determining the frequency of the change of your AC filters. AC filters need to be replaced about every 90 days if you don’t have any health issues like allergies, breathing difficulties, asthmatic issues, etc.


When the AC filters get too dirty very quickly, the AC filters will begin to fail. When this happens, the filters’ ability to effectively remove contaminants from the air will be compromised. So, to avoid all the unexpected problems, we recommend using a trusted residential air filters supplier, like Custom Filters Direct, and get custom ac filters for your system. The expert will help you to choose the suitable ac filter sizes for your system’s needs.

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