Luxury eyewear can elevate your face and style to greater lengths. It makes you look classier, and also more elegant! Plus, beyond the looks themselves, it’s also one that you can safely consider as an heirloom piece. If you take really good care of it, these luxury brands prove to be worth it, as they can be handed down from one generation to the next.

This is where the love for luxury eyewear comes in. It’s something to treasure for many years to come and something that’ll also always stay in style. But, as much as you love it, there’s a caveat, too. It’s not always that your wallet can give in to these whims.

Fortunately, if you’re really smart at shopping, there are so many ways that you can now score designer items for less. This article gives you insights and tips on how to do so.

  • Wait for Your ‘Must-Have’ Eyewear to Go on Sale

Surely, there are luxury eyewear pieces you’ve long been eyeing to have. Keep this list on your phone, or whatever it is you store your dreams. Then, have a little patience and wait for them to go on sale.

The truth is that even luxury brands go on sale whenever they change season. Most of these brands follow four season changes: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. So that means four opportunities for change-of-season sales annually. Then, there’s also the clearance sale that everybody waits for when the price of these items can drop to 50% to 70% discounts.

When you know that the luxury eyewear you wish to buy goes on sale anyway, why would you even bother to buy them the full price? Plus, buying them when they’re on sale doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re no longer stylish. Remember that eyewear is timeless. It never goes out of style.

Plus, here’s another advantage! When you wait for a sale to come, you’re also buying yourself more time to save. Who knows, instead of buying just one pair, you may be able to afford two pairs now.

  • Plan Your Purchase

Along with waiting for a sale, it’s important never to buy any item on a whim. Plan your purchase wisely, so you know what’s a good price that you should pay for each brand of luxury eyewear you’re planning to invest in.

For instance, say you’ve got a trip to a certain place at the end of this year. You know that in that place, there’s an outlet store where you can buy designer goods for less. It doesn’t hurt to wait it out a little bit, so you can pay an extra lower price by shopping for high-end eyewear brands – Chinatown optical, for instance.

This also factors in differences in exchange rates and taxes too. More often than not, if you’re really smart about your purchase, you can even lower the price, even more, when you’ve got to pay a lower tax or none at all because you’re not a taxpayer in the country you’re buying the luxury eyewear from.

  • Utilize Flash Sale Sites

If you’re really a shopper and you spend so much of your idle time online, you may even come across flash sales from various online retailers. But you’ve got to be very fast as these flash sales are as its name implies: on a flash. They mostly happen on special shopping days like holidays and Black Friday or boxing sales, for instance. It can also happen at midnight.

If you’ve subscribed to retail websites, they’ll mostly send notifications about these sales on your email. So, be quick to input these on your calendars.

Yes, these are worth waking up to your alarm at 2 o’clock in the morning, if it’s in exchange for that luxury glasses you’ve long wanted to have.

  • Buy ‘Returned’ Or ‘Damaged’ Luxury Goods

Luxury brands have very high parameters of quality. If there are eyewear pieces that are damaged or returned, they’ll mostly reject these or sell them for a very, very low price. Of course, they’ll keep you informed of these flaws.

But, when you take a good look at those ‘damaged’ eyewear, there may be some that have flaws that aren’t even immediately apparent. Or, they’re too small and minute to notice. In exchange for the extremely low price the brands are selling it for, surely it’s an exchange that’s worth it.


With these tips, now you don’t have to flip through the pages of that fashion magazine you’re reading, going through so much green and envy, because your wallet just can’t open up to this greater and better potential of designer goods! Now, you too can have access to luxury eyewear, when perhaps previously, you thought this possible only for the rich and the famous.

If it makes you happy, then why not! For as long as you don’t put yourself into dire debt for it. As spring and summer are on their way, you can sport those new, luxurious eyewear, looking every bit as glam as you wish to be.

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