Have you noticed those prominent fan-like structures surrounding the outside of buildings? Have you ever wondered what they are? Those are what you call a Variant Refrigerant Flow System, an air conditioning system made of one outdoor condensing unit connected to several indoor units.

That must be why companies have such a huge electric bill, right? Well, contrary to popular belief, a VRF system can help a company conserve energy. How is this possible? You’re going to find out!

What Is a VRF System?

A VRF system is a large HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) System. It has one condensing unit connected to several different evaporators, and they can control the amount of refrigerant being used.

This system can provide heating and cooling for your building, and it can give to all the evaporators simultaneously. It has two refrigerant lines, one for supply and one for return that passes through the various fan-coils inside.

The Different Types Of VRF Systems

Did you know that a VRF system doesn’t always have to be for a huge building or commercial space? There are different types, and you can scale some to fit in a small house. Find out which could be the best type for you:

  • Heat pump system

Also called a 2-pipe system, they can provide cooling and heating to all indoor units, but not simultaneously. It alternates using refrigerant in liquid form for cooling and gaseous form for heating.

  • Heat recovery system

This 3-pipe system can provide simultaneous heating and cooling. It has three lines with different functions — one for heating, one for cooling, and one for returning the previous two’s excess heat.

  • Water-cooling system

This system is the most popular type and it uses an air-cooled system. It is attached to a cooling tower that transfers heat into the atmosphere. They are great for use in small areas.

  • Gas operated system

This type works with natural gases, and it’s an alternative when there is a limited electricity supply. It is commonly used for heating systems.

How It Can Help You Conserve Energy

Now you’re going to find out one of the biggest reasons why this system is widespread. It is extremely energy efficient! It does not run as frequently as other units because it is designed to provide the exact amount of cooling needed.

Some designs like the three-pipe system capture excess heat and reuse it, so there is nothing wasted. The refrigerants used in these types of systems are also less harmful to the Ozone layer.

The parts are less prone to wear and tear because the machine only runs partially at times. If one unit breaks down, the others are not affected so that you won’t spend too much money on repairs.

These units do not require too much internal space because there is no need for ducts. Just remember that there must be an area for the outdoor condensing unit.

Finally, the indoor units of this system are quiet. You won’t have to worry about annoying background noise when you are using the air conditioning.

A VRF system is an excellent investment for your commercial building or your home. It is energy efficient and economical, and it’s even better for the environment! Join the others who are enjoying the benefits of these units now!

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