Spotify is great. With over 20 million soundtracks to play, search and download, who wouldn’t want to use Spotify premium!

I am sure you know Spotify offers two types of accounts – Spotify free and premium. For the free account, signing up is simple. But it comes with limitations such as no skips, ads, and shuffle music play. The premium account, on the other hand, comes with tons of features such as listening in higher sound quality, no ads, skip songs, download music, and more.

The Spotify premium account has three tiers much like Spectrum deals for TV. For some of us, even the student plan that starts at $4.99 per month is costly. What if I tell you there are ways to get access to Spotify Premium for FREE? Yes, you have read that right!

Scroll down to learn everything you must do to get free access.

Get Spotify Premium for Free

Option 1: Create Multiple Free Trial Accounts

It’s one of the easiest and 100% workable hacks to get Spotify premium without spending a penny.

You get 90 good days of free access. So for free months, you will get all the best features you could only dream of getting. What happens after 3 months? Well, you will have to sign up for a free trial again with a different name and email address, of course.

If you really love Spotify, take the pain and create multiple email accounts. The best thing about this method is it works on all platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Option 2: Join the Spotify Family Account

Spotify premium plans are for students, individuals, and families. Let’s say one of your friends or relatives has the family plan. Use that to your advantage. The plan accounts 6 premium accounts at the rate of $2.49 per account. Now I know this method isn’t technically free, it is way cheaper than what you are paying for a student/individual plan, right?

Find a friend who is already using a family plan and ask them to let you be one of the 6 members. Another option is to gather 5 friends or relatives who would like to have a Spotify premium account at a bargain.

Option 3: Download and Install the Cracked APK Version

Hold on tight because things are about to get a bit technical here. The mod cracked Spotify app can be as good as regular Spotify. It lets you enjoy most premium features without paying anything!

To get started, you must download and install the mod APK of the Spotify app. This method works for android devices only. Once you have done that, simply log into your free account and all premium features will unlock.

Follow these steps:

  • Uninstall the Spotify app from your android device
  • Download the APK version
  • A compressed file will download and you must extract it
  • Follow the instructions to install the APK
  • Once it’s installed, use your free Spotify account’s credentials to log into the app

There you go. All premium features are at your service!

Option 4: Downgrade Spotify & Apply Patch

This method is for Windows PCs and laptops. You will need BlocktheSpot mod to download your Spotify account and get premium features for free. This method will also get rid of ads that interrupt the joyful music experience.

Follow these steps to apply the BlocktheSpot patch:

  1. Download version of Spotify
  2. Then, download the netutils.dll file (a mod file for blocking ads)
  3. Install the Spotify app you just downloaded
  4. Go to the default installation folder in the AppData
  5. Press Windows+R and type in this command “%APPDATA%/Spotify”
  6. Copy and paste the netutils.dll file inside the Spotify folder
  7. Restart your PC
  8. Apply the changes and relaunch the Spotify app
  9. Enter your Spotify free account’s credentials

You can now enjoy premium features for FREE. There will be no ads to bother you!


These methods are 100% proven to provide access to Spotify Premium for FREE!

Use any method that you find easy and quick to enjoy listening to uninterrupted music and high-quality sounds. Customize your playlist and download the songs you love the most for offline use.

Share these methods with your friends and fam as well!

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