Once you have decided to boost up your earnings with passive income from the crypto exchange affiliate program, try to find the best one. There are traits to help you choose a program that will meet your needs and expectations. 

Best crypto affiliate programs

There is a cluster of reliable exchanges that offer quite good cryptocurrencies affiliate programs to promote their services and help you to make profit. Yet some of them have distinct advantages that make a particular program more desirable for participants than others. Here is a list of terms of partner programs that may vary:

  • a different commission percentage from the users you attracted;
  • various restrictions and conditions for withdrawals;
  • the payment period can be limited in time or constant.


Last but not least, you must choose a platform that you fully trust. Since you are going to recommend it to your audience and friends, you need to be sure that the exchange provides quality and reliable services.

How does an affiliate program function?

If you are an average internet user, you probably have a social media page that is already enough to start making money, especially if you have a large audience.  If it’s not your case, you can always use some promotions to attract new visitors to expand your target audience, and then monetize your traffic with an affiliate program. 

The more personal online resources you use, the better. It can be an Instagram profile, Facebook page, Twitter, your blog, website or forum. All means are welcome. Submit a widget or post a link to the exchange of your choice and wait for the money flow as soon as anyone starts using the service you are promoting.

Godex Affiliate Program

Now that it is clear how it works and how one program can differ from another, it’s time to choose the best one. Among other reputable cryptocurrency companies, Godex.io offers conditions that are hard to resist. In addition to the financial component, where you receive 0.005 BTC bonuses for registration, and then up to 0.6% as a reward for each transaction, its partner program has a number of other obvious advantages.

  • Choose the most suitable for your business type of affiliation, whether it be for services, for coins, for wallets or for tracking rates.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of transfers, exchange transactions or other actions, and there are also no limits for inviting new users to the company. It means that possibilities of your earnings are endless. You get a steady income as long as your recommendations lead to the activity of newbies.
  • You can quickly and easily withdraw your funds whenever you want.
  • Well-designed widgets and API won’t ruin the look of your page or website, as you can customize them however you like.
  • With 24/7 support, you can rest assured that you will receive expert assistance when you need it. In addition, a separate line for partners will help you with issues related to the affiliate program.
  • The UI of Godext site has elements that are easy to access, understand and use. 
  • Friends and subscribers will be grateful for recommending a reliable and secure service.

Now everything depends on you. If you do everything right, Godex affiliate program will provide you with lifelong passive earnings of the most desirable cryptocurrency, which, according to forecasts, will significantly strengthen its position in the coming years and will grow in price several times.

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