When John Paul Gaultier designed Madonna’s iconic corset for her Truth or Dare tour in 1990, he brought the underwear-as-outerwear trend into the mainstream. Today, the look remains as timeless as ever, giving you even more opportunities to mix and match a variety of sexy lingerie styles into your daily wardrobe.

Here are a few effortless ways to turn sexy lingerie staples into elegant and sophisticated date night dresses.

Corsets and Bustiers

An icon in the world of sexy lingerie, the corset will always look stylish in and out of the bedroom. The wonderful thing about a corset is that a well-fitted piece flatters any body type thanks to its waist-cinching effects of the integrated acrylic boning, plus a well-structured underbust built into the bodice. The result is the oh-so-sexy look of the hourglass figure, including sexy cleavage that draws the eyes upwards.

Corsets and Bustiers

There are several different ways to style a corset for outerwear. For an elegant evening style, look for a corset with fancy brocades and dramatic florals, a classic design that will add a touch of retro glam to any outfit. Wear it with your favorite jeans or a short and flirty skirt, along with another layer of sophistication with a structured blazer.

You can also toughen up the look by switching out the blazer with a black leather motorcycle jacket. Finish the look with matching heels and stockings and get ready for a high fashion style that will make you look and feel beautiful and alluring.

Similar to the look of the corset, the bustier has a slightly different fit with its front hook closure, which doesn’t cinch in the waist, but instead flattens the torso. This distinct feature gives it more structure on the top of the bodice instead of the sides, allowing more moveability than the corset.

Although the fit is different from the corset, you can style it using the same strategy. For a finished look from head to toe, you can also wear it with a skirt, plus coordinating thigh-high stockings and garters. Slip on some come-hither heels or chunky heeled boots for a put-together outfit that simmers with sex appeal and confidence.

Garter lingerie

One of the best ways to wear garter lingerie as outerwear is to layer it underneath a short and flirtatious skirt. Pair your garter lingerie with thigh-high stockings, which will allow a small glimpse of exposed upper thigh to peek out from under your skirt. A classic look that’s also red-hot sexy, garter lingerie is the perfect outfit for date night sophistication.

When choosing a coordinating color of thigh-high stockings to go with your outfit, look for accent colors, which will help you avoid the pitfall of overwhelming look with too much of the same shade. It also gives you a chance to make your sexy legs stand out in your overall silhouette. The same goes for accessories like handbags and heels.

Bras & bralettes

Making up the foundation of any undergarment collection, there are many different styles of bras and bralettes to choose from. And if you style it the right way, you don’t need to necessarily hide these sweet or salty looks underneath everyday clothing.

The trick to wearing bras and bralettes as outerwear is to make it look deliberate instead of a wardrobe malfunction. For instance, an on-trend look that’s here to stay is the strappy-edged bra or bralette, which can be worn underneath a slouchy, loose-fitting dolman blouse or a low-cut T-shirt. With strappy detail on the front or back, the oversized top is perfect for exposing stylish straps layered underneath.

For a stylish daytime look, keep it casual with light-colored T-shirts or blouses. Or instantly transform it into a high-fashion nighttime outfit by choosing dark-colored tops in deep, jewel-toned shades that stand out. You can also wear this style bra or bralette underneath a dress or jumper with a plunging V-neckline, allowing the bra to be the main focal point.


When you wear a bodysuit with pants or skirts, it creates a seamless silhouette the way it easily tucks in. Another benefit is the all-in-one design, which allows you to effortlessly go from a sexy look for the bedroom to out on the town. Like the other classic lingerie styles, the bodysuit is also available in an exciting variety of looks, from sweet and romantic to provocative and edgy.

One way to style your bodysuit is to work with layers, like wearing it with a blazer or moto jacket. Pair it with coordinating bottoms and you’ve got an instant evening outfit that looks stylish and put together.

Fishnet stockings

The wonderful aspect of fishnet stockings is how they add a touch of tough-girl vibes to any outfit. Similar to classic sheer stockings, fishnets reveal sexy legs while also concealing any flaws. That’s also why it’s a timeless look that will always be in style, especially since it gives sexy legs a flawless effect that also highlights the sexiest parts of the silhouette.

For a punk-inspired outfit, fishnets are an essential accessory. Wear them underneath well-worn cut-offs and chunky heeled boots for an edgy style that will give you a confident power strut. Fishnets will also make your legs elongated and well-defined in the most iconic stockings you can wear.

Babydoll negligee

One of the best combinations of style and comfort, the babydoll will always be in style. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be relegated to be worn only as an undergarment or loungewear. You can take the luxury of the babydoll negligee outside by pairing a satin and lace-trimmed design with your favorite love-worn denim. Or make the look even more sexy and comfortable with leggings in a coordinating color.

To give the babydoll negligee more structure, try wearing it with a velvet blazer in a slightly darker shade. The crushed velvet paired with buttery soft satin will give you a double layer of luxuriousness.

Chemise negligee

This lightweight, body-shaping negligee fits like a second skin, giving your frame a sexy outline that shows off all your curves. The sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps also give your shoulders a delicate, balanced look while gently supporting the bust and exposing sexy cleavage. Just like the corset, the babydoll, or the other many styles of lingerie to choose from, the chemise can be as sweet or provocative as you’d like.

The trick to transforming it from a bedroom outfit to evening wear is by styling the look with coordinating layers. Because of its tight, body-hugging fit, sleek leggings are the best choice for a seamless silhouette. The color doesn’t have to be matching but a similar shade is recommended, especially for dark, jewel-toned shades. For light pastels, blush pink, and angelic white, you can also play up the contrast with black or dark grey leggings. This will make the chemise stand out even more, drawing the eyes toward the beautiful details of a lingerie favorite.

With its longline bodice that extends just past the hips, the chemise can also be worn as a tight-fitting top when paired with jeans or a skirt. Make it a complete outfit when you add matching stockings, heels, and a cute blazer.

Halter top bra 

In the spirit of today’s fashion trends, anything goes when it comes to personal style. So if you’re in the mood to bare your midsection, go ahead and make a bold fashion statement when you wear a halter top bra with denim cut-offs or a short skirt. Make it ultra daring with a traditional halter top cut or go for a style with more coverage such as a longline bra and high-waisted bottoms.

The best type of halter top bra for an outerwear look is a design with padded cups and stretchy knit, which will provide enough coverage to avoid any wardrobe mishaps. Go for a sporty, casual style with strappy detail in the back, or make it romantic with shimmery satin adorned with luxurious lace trim.


The best type of jewelry for accessorizing your underwear-as-outerwear outfits is to choose designs based on the type of neckline. For instance, an ideal style for the sweetheart neckline is short necklaces such as chokers or mid-length. Save the long dangling necklaces for higher necklines; that way your silhouette will always have a sense of balance and proportion. For halter tops or halter necklines, it’s better to skip the necklace altogether and dress up your wrists with oversized bangles or arm cuffs.

When you shop for lingerie online, include these timeless styles in your weekly rotation, an easy way to revamp your evening wardrobe with high-fashion elegance.

Jaclinne Cheng, Director of Sales and Marketing for Spicy Lingerie.

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