Every woman wants long luxurious lashes as much as every woman strives to get them. Having a longer eyelash creates a beautiful elegant touch to the face. It also enhances the natural eye colour of a woman attractiveness.

All women desire a facial feature that expresses beauty in which a longer eyelash is a part of that category. Well, an eyelash growth serum can answer their desire. The desire for a long fluttery eyelash is very important to most women which has driven them into seeking ways to achieve longer fuller lashes.

How to achieve longer eyelash

There are many ways to get longer eyelash. Also, there are many beauty products made by cosmetic companies specifically for eyelash growth and enhancement. The range of the availability of these products includes, conditioning product for eyelashes, serums, gels, eyelash growth stimulants and many more.

False and Eyelash Extension: We also have false lash, eyelash extension that can also help improve the appearance of longer eyelash. Eyelash extension is actually a very famous beauty product among women because of its ability to last longer and the instant appearance of longer lashes it provides.

Eyelash extension can be applied within a two hours to two and a half hours and can last for a month or so. Although eyelash extension can give you that instant luxurious lashes but also can be very bad for our existing lashes. They’re quite expensive and also contain some harsh chemicals that could cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Natural Home Remedies: There are also a number of home remedies that could help improve the eyelash remarkably. These are some natural ingredient that is easily available to you, from olive oil to castor oil or vaseline are known to stimulate the lash growth and strength.

How to keep them

To maintain the volume of your current eyelash, proper eyelash care is very important in achieving this. Longer natural lashes take time and effort to achieve them and it’s actually not appealing to lose your gorgeous long lashes after achieving that lash growth you’ve always wanted due to lack of care for the eyelash.

Take care of your eyelash just like your hair: Taking care of your lashes is similar to the care we give to our hair; we tend to apply shampoo and conditioner to our hair to ensure they are well conditioned and treated to avoid any loss of hair. This same treatment is required by our lashes to properly maintain and keep that eyelash growth.

Lash Conditioning and Serum: Conditioning of our eyelash is vital for the prevention of breakage and eyelash length. Also, Volcano hybrid review daily brushing is required to eliminate the availability of debris that could cause dryness which eventually results into making the eyelash fall off.

We understand how difficult it might be to keeping and maintain a longer fuller eyelash can be very challenging but also can be very important to sustaining natural eyelash growth.

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