With so many moving companies out there, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for you and your family. But don’t worry! This article has all of the information and guidance you need to find a great company that will take care of everything from start to finish–including packing up your belongings in such a way that they arrive at their destination without any damage or loss. In this article, we will cover the steps to find a cross-country mover.

Read Reviews

When you are finding the best cross country mover, search for their reviews. It is highly recommended for you to read the reviews before hiring any company. Reviews are a great way to see what other people think about their experience with this specific moving company.

Reviews will give you an idea of how well or bad they are.

To find these reviews, go on Google, type in “company name” review, and then click search. This should bring up all of their different types of ratings that customers have given throughout the years. Scroll through until you can see at least five-star ratings–these represent some pretty happy customers!

Moving Company’s Background and Experience level

Check how professional is the moving company? Does the moving company have the proper equipment to handle heavy moving?

The professional company should have experience in handling cross country moves. Most people when moving on a budget always prefer companies with a good reputation and customer service because they provide faster, more efficient services at competitive rates.

For example, moving company A has been around for 12 years and is licensed to make long distance moves only (they don’t offer local or short distance). They use large trucks that can carry up to 7000 pounds of weight – but you’ll need an entire day if your move is less than 200 miles away from their office location. That’s why it’s important to check out what type of equipment the cross-country mover offers before signing any contracts!

Search for the Subcontractors

Before moving, ask the moving company to transport, pack, and deliver on their own or hire a different party or subcontractor.

If they are hiring a subcontractor, ask the company for references of who is currently in their employ.

Reviews from this site will give you an idea of how well or bad these people are, so do your research before choosing one.

Once you have found some reviews that sound promising, contact them directly and inquire about any experience with this specific moving company: does it go well? Did they have any problems during the move? Were there many discrepancies at either end-point (movement)? In addition, find out whether or not both parties got paid on time–the payment process should be discussed beforehand by all involved parties. Finally, it’s also essential to review the price; if everything sounds fair until now, hire the moving company.

Review the Price

Before hiring the moving company, get the estimates from as many companies as possible and then compare the prices. You will need to be clear about what you want to include in the estimate.

The price should include:

  • Packing materials and services, including boxes, tape, packing paper, etc.
  • Transportation of your items from one location to another by moving the company’s personnel
  • Moving insurance (optional) for any damage or loss that may occur during transport as well as liability coverage up to $100k
  • Costs associated with taxes on transportation costs and tariffs imposed at customs along with any other charges levied by the government such as import fees, export sales tax, etc., which can vary greatly from country to country, so it is best to inquire ahead of time when finding a service provider who does cross border moves.

Inquiry about the License and Insurance of the Company

Check the license and insurance of the company before getting scammed. It is very important to know that the company you are hiring has a license and insurance.

Your items might get stolen or damaged while in transit, so it’s best to inquire about this before anything else.

It will be worth your time checking out which companies have what coverage because not all of them do.

The minimum requirement for any moving company should include liability insurance up to $100k. This covers accidental damage from improper packing etc., as well as protects against theft during transport. If something gets broken on-site (at your current address), then there is no need for heavy equipment like forklifts and cranes usually associated with moves cross country – just an extra hand can help you carry boxes down the stairs safely!

Ask for the Reference

At the time of hiring, the moving company asks the company for their reference. Any trustworthy company will provide the reference of their satisfied customers. Ask they are satisfied customers about the company’s response time, customer service quality, and any other aspects that you may look for in a moving company.

The reference is very important since it will give you enough knowledge about a specific Moving Company’s reputation, which would help you make an informed decision.


The first thing you should do when looking for a cross country mover is to read reviews. Look at the subcontractors they have used in the past and find out what other people think about them. You can also lookup their license and insurance online or ask to see it if you’re meeting with someone in person.

Another important thing is checking how experienced this company is by asking them for references from customers who’ve had similar moves as yours before. And lastly, make sure any price quotes are laid out, so there aren’t any surprises later on down the road!

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