Weather changes not only affect our physical health but also affect our skin. We usually change our clothes in order to accommodate the changes in the weather. It is quite normal, and all of us do it. It has become more of a habit that we also do not need to think about it separately.

But have you ever thought of your skincare routine? So you change your skincare routine with the changing weather? Do you apply an extra layer of moisturizer when the weather is dry?

You should know that there are several skin issues, which actually stem from the climate. And for that, you need to change your skincare products in Dubai as per the weather.

How The Weather Affects Your Skin

So, now I think I made myself clear that weather has effects on our skin too. And now you have to be aware of how you need to deal with those climate issues. Otherwise, the weather change will leave a huge impact on your skin, and you need to improve your skin’s health.

The Hot Weather

During the hot weather, the increased heat and temperature can come with several skin issues. And in order to combat that, you need to follow a proper skincare routine and make the necessary changes. A sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is a must during this time.

Though the heat is not really likely to cause you dry skin, at the same time, you can develop a sunburn from excessive and long exposure to the sun. Often increased heat is caused by the increased humidity as well.

This might leave your skin oily, and eventually, your skin pores will become clogged. Skin breakouts are the most common result of this. So, you need to use a really good cleanser, which will wipe out all the sweat and dirt from your skin pores.

This is one of the best ways to prevent clogging pores. Excessive oil also can result in acne. I know that will be the last thing that you will want on your skin. Along with that, when sweat and dirt clog your skin pores, there is a high chance of getting blackheads and other skin issues.

So, exfoliating your skin is also necessary during this time. But you also need to remember that while exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells and blackheads and sometimes also remove tan, excessive exfoliation can be dangerous.

The Cold Weather

Just the way hot weather usually comes with increased humidity, cold weather tends to be dry. The cold weather dries out our skin pores, and as a result of this, our skin becomes easily irritated. That does not mean you will skip the sunscreen part.

So, an additional layer of moisturizer is needed in order to keep it feeling healthy. The dryness is the actual reason why our skin becomes cracked during the winter days. This also leads to uncomfortable itching, and the skin becomes tough to touch.

When you need to combat the dryness, that does not mean you will simply vamp up the moisturizer during the winter days is not at all the smartest thing to do. Too much oil in moisturizer might lead to acne and attract more dust and pollution particles.

This will also eventually cause skin breakouts. So, before applying any moisturizer, it will be best if you consult with your dermatologist. The professional will be able to suggest to you the right products that will be the right one for your skin.

Bottom Line

Changing your skincare routine as per the weather demand is definitely a great way to look beautiful with healthier skin throughout the year. Still, you also need to make sure that before making any major change to your skincare routine, you have taken the necessary advice from your dermatologist.

Plus, sunscreen is something that you need to stick to in spite of the weather changes. And also, maintaining a healthy diet and adding seasonal vegetables and fruit to your diet will increase the glow of your skin and keep it healthy for within.

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