Are you looking for a chance to write about home interior? We are the platform you should engage with and write your content. We offer a robust platform for home interior write for us guest posts that are high-quality, informative, and educative. If this sounds interesting, you should consider writing to us.

However, if you are to write for us, you must be ready to follow our guidelines. If you fail to follow the guidelines, we might reject the articles. However, you do not need to worry because our policies are easy to follow.

For any submissions that you would like to send, you can send them via our email: info@magazinenews.com.

Basic guidelines for what we expect

As mentioned, there are specific guidelines you must follow when writing for us. Provided you are informative and have original content; you are good to go. However, there is a way we would like you to structure your content so you can profoundly engage with your writers.

Article structuring

Article structuring is an essential element that you must consider. You need to structure your post into subheadings as they help guide the reader through your content. The posts we have are in this structure, and we recommend it because it engages our visitors. We also propose that you use long paragraphs.

Sentences should be short because they are easier to read. Do not use complex jargon because you educate ordinary people and not only the home interior experts. Overall, it would be best if you came up with an easy-to-read article.

Interactive content

Images and videos help engage with the readers. If you can source high-resolution photos relevant to your posts, ensure you put them. We urge you to put a minimum of one image per article. Before adding the images to your post, ensure that the photos don’t infringe on copyright rules.

Also, home interior videos can assist your audience in understanding more of what you are writing. Remember that human beings have better reception for audio-visual content than written work. Infographics and quotes can also come in handy in helping interact with your readers.

Article topic and recommended length

Before you start writing for us, think long and hard about the topic you want to write for us. We do not like general issues. We want specific topics. As you write down the content, endeavor to submit what is relevant to your chosen home interior topic. If you pose a question in your topic, ensure you answer the question throughout your post.

Some of the topics you submit include:

  • Home interior write for us
  • House décor write for us
  • Write for us architecture
  • Gardening write for us
  • Furniture write for us

We also recommend that you substantively cover your article, and we ask for relatively long pieces. The article you choose to write should not be less than 800 words. Long articles help you say what needs to be said about the article and also allow you to provide your ideas. However, we do not encourage the use of filler words or sentences that make no sense. Each word must communicate something to the reader.


If you want more visitors to visit your blog posts, you need to use target keywords. For each post, you write for us, generate keywords relevant to home interior write for us guest posts. Place these keywords naturally in your text. Also, ensure that you mention the keywords in the subheadings.

Author’s bio

The main advantages you will get from writing for us are increasing your online presence and also helping expose your brand to millions of people. Your brand or name will get out through your author’s bio so take time to create a good one.

We recommend that you make a bio not exceeding 150 words. It should contain your social media details and a backlink to your website. Also, do not forget to add a high-resolution square image of yourself.

Submission guidelines

You can submit your post to us after creating a good, high-quality, and informative post using the guidelines above. You can submit in any editable Word document, PowerPoint presentation, etc. Note that we reserve the right to edit your article before publishing it on our site. You can send the article via your email to; info@meganewsmagazine.com.