Do you want to become a contributor to our site Well, we’re currently welcoming guest writers to write about content for home gardening and home improvement.

We need the knowledge and experience that these writers are able to share to our readers and help them learn more about these topics.

Guest Posting for

We are currently looking for guest content writers who are enthusiastic to share their knowledge about home improvement and home gardening.

We want our community to know more about these topics through the eyes of experts. The content of these articles should be creative and well-written do that our readers are able to fully grasp the message. 

It also helps them be inspired to know more about home gardening and home improvement.

Guidelines When Passing an Article

If you want to contribute to our site with your own creative content, you will have to abide with these following guidelines. Note that if you won’t properly follow these guidelines then the chances of your post being published to our site will be lowered.

  • The article needs to have a minimum of 7 hundred words written on it.
  • You need to have at least 2 images attached to your post. Each of them having a width of 1,200 pixels.
  • You must submit a post that’s 100% genuine, where the entire content is written by you. Copying content in other sources is strictly prohibited as it violated copyright laws.
  • Our site does not accept content that contains gambling, bitcoin, CBD, adult, and casino-related content. We only want content that’s specifically about the topics that we want to share with our readers, such as home improvement and home gardening.

What Happens to Your Articles Once Published?

Once your post is approved to be published by our site, it will have the following benefits attached to it.

  • A Moz Domain Authority 35 / spam Score 0
  • Your post will allow you to have 2 DoFollow backlinks once it’s published.
  • The post that you’ve contributed to our site will remain over there permanently allowing readers to access your content anytime they want.
  • Your post is assured to be indexed by Google
  • All posts submitted by guests to our site will not get tagged by any guests or sponsors.

These benefits allow more readers to easily access your post, helping you be able to share your knowledge about home improvement and home gardening to a wider audience.

Where to Submit

Once you’re ready to submit your guest post to our website, you can then send it to We will then check to see if your post is able to meet our standards so you will expect a reply to us within a 24-hour time frame.