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Are you a gamer who aspires to share his views, ideas, and experiences as a gamer? We urge you to utilize us and share your gaming write for us guest posts. However, we only want high-quality content, and we hope that you can provide that to us. We also need you to blend in some creativity to make the articles as engaging as possible.

The information you provide us will help many readers learn from you and know more about gaming as the content will be available to millions of readers. We urge you to follow our article writing guidelines so you can write posts that we can accept.

If you feel you fit the bill, email us your submissions via:

What kind of writers do we require?

We are looking for writers who can blog in the gaming niche. Experts in gaming who can write are also welcome to work with us. We help readers get information on game-related concepts. Even if you are new to writing, you can submit your articles as long as they are satisfactory and follow the guidelines that we stipulate.

Benefits of writing for us

We focus on delivering content to millions of readers. We, therefore, invest in SEO to ensure that posts are accessible to lots of readers. It is a platform where once we publish your content, you can be sure that thousands of readers will access it. As long as you help us have innovative and fresh content daily, we would like to lend a hand back. We can help you;

Expand your reach

Are you looking to expand your brand? We can help you. As mentioned above, we have lots of traffic streaming into our website; hence people will get to know you. If you write good content that is helpful to your audience, you can be sure that those visitors will convert into your social media followers.

Remember to put your social media details in your author’s bio at the end of each post. The biography should have your social media details, a backlink to your site, and your image. It should be short and should not exceed 150 words. If only 20% of your readers convert into your followers or follow your link, it will still be a substantial amount, and your reach will grow significantly.

Improving your writing

We have carefully structured our guidelines to guide writers to write the best posts in the market. Once you consistently write for us, you will have top-notch writing skills that are highly acceptable to many businesses searching for content. Once you improve your writing, you can develop better posts for your website and gain a larger audience on your site.

What are our guest post writing guidelines?

We were hoping you could follow these guidelines to write acceptable articles. If you follow them, you will enjoy the benefits of writing for us.

Choosing a topic

We were hoping you could select a specific topic and not something too general. If you choose a topic, ensure that your content is relevant to the topic. For example, if you are writing about FIFA games, do not deviate and start talking about Xbox.

Article length and uniqueness

You must have articles of a length beyond 800 words to 2000 words, and you should not have any filler words or irrelevant sentences as we highly prohibit such posts. Every word should communicate something to the reader.

We need unique content and do not accept plagiarized content. If you are sourcing content from other sites, ensure you mention your source. Referencing helps make your post more credible.

Adding Images and videos

You can add high-resolution images as they engage the reader, and we recommend you use at least one image in your post. The photos must be relevant and must follow the copyright guidelines to source their images.

Submitting Content instructions

You can submit your content in any editable format of the Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Google document, and Dropbox papers. Remember to have headings and subheadings to guide the reader on your workflow. Finally, do not forget to include your author bio for self-promotion.

Once you follow all the guidelines mentioned above, you can submit your gaming write for us guest posts using your email. Submit your articles via;