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We are looking for people who want to be a part of the community contributing to having a fit and healthy society. We are specifically looking for persons who can write high-quality posts about fitness and health. Do you have fresh insight on any of these topics? If yes, write to us.

You can write to us at any time of your liking. Coming up with fitness write for us articles does not interfere with your schedule and seeks your experiences and your honest opinion on fitness. If you feel that you can write for us, send your posts to our email:

Do you want to become our writer?

If you become part of us, you will get to educate many people because our website has millions of visitors monthly. We offer you a chance also to grow on a personal level. You can acquire new writing skills as you write posts for us. It helps you develop new knowledge as you research the fitness topics you write.

However, to be our writer and enjoy some of these benefits and more, you need to follow our article writing guidelines. These guidelines are easy to follow and are put in place to ensure that your guest post is more engaging.

What are the guidelines?

Carefully go through these instructions before writing your fitness write for us guest posts. Failure to keenly follow these stipulations may result in us rejecting your article.

Article length

For us, we encourage that you write long articles. We want long pieces to allow you to inform adequately and give out your ideas. However, it does not mean that you should add filler words as we highly discourage such behavior. We recommend that you submit submissions of 800+ words.

Content structuring

We want you to structure your content to make it more readable to your audience. Include at least 2-3 subheadings to guide your readers. We recommend short sentences because they are easier to read. Before submitting, check your spelling and grammar.

Typos and simple grammar mistakes may lead to rejection; hence countercheck your work before submitting it. For the paragraphs, we recommend that you write long paragraphs. Each paragraph should present an idea or pass on information.


It must be an original guest post. We cannot post plagiarized content; therefore, we need a fresh perspective. What we need are your new ideas and your experiences. The fitness journey has its challenges that you may have overcome. Please share with us what you have done to get over these challenges. We can detect spun articles; hence don’t try any shortcuts when writing for us. The content should also engage your audience to read the full-length article.

Interactive content

Interactive content includes images, videos, quotes, and infographics, and we encourage you to have at least one high-resolution image in your post. Audiovisual content allows the readers to interact with your content profoundly. For photos, ensure you follow copyright rules to the letter.


When writing for us, you should generate target keywords to allow your target audience to find your content. Place the keywords naturally and incorporate them in your subheadings for better results. The keywords help SEO optimization, ranking your articles higher than similar ones.

Incorporating takeaways

It would be best to drive towards a specific conclusion for every particular topic you write. It would be best to incorporate the conclusion in the last part of the guest post. It should be brief and precise. The takeaway also offers you a chance to write your perspective.

Why write for us?

Writers who write for us enjoy many benefits that you can also enjoy. The advantages lie in the author’s profile which you should incorporate at the end of the post.

Expanding your online reach

Your online reach can provide you with a lot of opportunities. By including your social media details, many people searching for your expertise can get you. You can have your backlinks which can drive quality traffic to your website. Also, it will help increase your social media followers.

Submit your work today

We reserve the right to edit, hence submit your articles in an editable format. If you can follow the above guidelines, feel free to hand in your posts to the email;