Do you want to share your knowledge in finance? We want this type of content for our site. You can include any saving tips that you have and your personal experiences that you have had with managing your finances. We were hoping you could provide us with quality, informative, and well-written finance write for us articles.

If you provide us with your content, it will be available to millions of readers. If you can fascinate some of these readers, they can follow you on your social media platforms and even visit your site. However, before you write for us, follow the guidelines for you.

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Why should you write for us?

We encourage writers to write for us because we know writing can contribute to their personal and brand growth. You get to be a better writer and be more informed about certain aspects of gaming that you did not know.

You expose yourself to many potential customers for your products and services in brand growth. If you present yourself as a brand that can give customers quality information, customers will feel that your products are more reliable and credible.

Write for us is the key to opening up your brand and also driving visitors to your website. We allow you to include a backlink at the bottom of your work. The backlink helps improve your site’s SEO and enhances the quality of traffic entering your site.

Improving SEO

If your goal is to succeed in the business world, you need to utilize the internet. The internet requires skill to navigate and beat your competition, and one way to beat your competition is to invest in SEO.

One way to improve SEO is including backlinks in guest blogs. It goes a long way in increasing your visibility in search engines. Ensure that you naturally use target keywords in your guest posts to attract high-quality traffic to your site.

Expanding your online identity and presence

If you write quality articles on several platforms, you can be sure that people will notice you. You can establish yourself as a reputable author in specific finance articles. You can therefore attract numerous opportunities contributing to your growth as a writer.

Therefore, people in need of your services can access you quickly. You can be sure that if your post gets about 20,000 views per month, your bio will get about 5,000 views on our platform.

What type of content do we accept?

We do not accept everything that is sent to us. We have a robust editorial team that screens authors’ submissions to meet the required standards. We encourage our writers to submit original content because we flag unoriginal work and reject it.

Therefore, only choose unique content that is not plagiarized. Your work must be at least 90% original for us to accept it.

Article writing guidelines

  • The length of the article should range from 800-2000 words. It should relate to finance or financial products and not deviate from the topic. Choose a specific topic and provide an exclusive answer to this topic throughout your article.
  • Find unique topics that writers have not previously covered on our website. We encourage you to share your unique ideas or, even better, provide us with your personal experiences.
  • Use relevant images, videos, and quotes. If you have any high-quality images pertinent to the post, include them in your article. You should have at least one image in your post.
  • Avoid self-promotion or advertising in your post. The article should be neutral and for educational purposes. Instead, it should not advertise any product but list down lessons for your readers.
  • For self-promotion, we allow you to include an author’s profile. The author’s profile should be short (contain 100-150 words only), should consist of your social media details and your backlink.
  • Use target keywords to target keywords. Ensure that the keywords appear naturally in your text. You should also include the keyword in your subheadings.

How to Submit your posts?

If you want to share your knowledge in finance, engage in writing finance write for us guest posts. Once you write them, submit them via;