Do you want to become one of our guest posters at Well, we’re currently looking for people who have knowledge about fashion and beauty to share these topics with us. Needs Writers

We are looking for guest writers on our site who have the knowledge and experience in fashion and beauty. The articles that we want you to contribute to use allows our readers to become more informed about these topics.

With the help of your well-written and creative articles, we’re able to grow our community and make the become more enthusiastic about what they’re reading. 

Requirements for Submitting a Post

Becoming one of our gest writers means that you have to follow the certain guidelines we’re going to give to you to ensure the quality of the content. Your post submission must follow these in order for us to accept it.

  • Your content must reach a minimum of 800 words and is able to let the readers clearly understand the message you’ve sent to us.
  • Each post that you submit to us must have at least 2 pictures with a with of 1,200 pixels. It also needs to be related to the post and topic that you’re going to give us.
  • The content of your post must be original which means you have to make it by yourself. We do not accept any submissions in our sites that have been copied from other sources as it violates copyright laws.
  • Any content submitted that has gambling, Bitcoin, CBD, adult, and casino-related topics will be rejected. We want the content of our site to be in-line with the Fashion and beauty topics that we provide to our readers.

Why Become a Guest Post Publisher for Us?

Once your post has seen to reach the standards of our sites. It will then be approved and ready to be published in, it will then receive the following benefits by us.

  • MOZ DA: 35. and  0 Spam Score
  • The post that you’ve submitted to our site will stay there indefinitely. This allows our readers to see your post at any time that they want.
  • You’ll be given a minimum of 2 DoFollow backlinks to your own post.
  • There will be a 100% assurance that your post will be indexed by Google.
  • Sponsored/guest posts will not be tagged to any of your posts.

How to Submit Your Guest Post?

Once you’re ready to send your post to us and become one of our guest site contributors, submit your pot to Your post will then be reviewed by us and you will receive a letter if we have approved it for publishing within 24 hours.