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However, before submitting your post to our email,, ensure that you strictly adhere to the stipulated guidelines.

What are Our Ecommerce Write for Us Guidelines?

  • The article length should be 800 words and above.
  • The topic of the post should be relevant to the eCommerce industry
  • Ensure that the content is educative and not promotional
  • We don’t accept any self-promotion articles as we only accept posts that are valuable or informative to our readers
  • Ensure that you attach high definition images that are relevant to your blog
  • The post should have one backlink and should not be an affiliate link
  • Incorporate short and easy-to-read sentences.
  • Ensure you add relevant sentences in each paragraph.
  • Each paragraph should have a relevant title and content
  • Include relevant keywords in the content naturally
  • Use bullet points to present your content in a more legible manner
  • Ensure you add a brief conclusion that should encapsulate the main points of the article.
  • Ensure that you only send original content that has not been published on other websites. We also don’t accept duplicated blogs posts on our website.

How to Submit your Guest Posts?

Our editors accept all editable formats such as word documents, Google documents, Dropbox papers, and power presentations. The most recommended method of submitting your posts is via our email;

Ensure that the posts you send have clear headings and subheadings and strictly adhere to the eCommerce industry. After you submit your posts, we have the right to edit them and correct some formatting, grammar, or spelling mistakes. We can also adjust the headings and subheadings to suit the target audience.

We also allow you to submit your author bio, in which you can mention your eCommerce business, website, and social media accounts.

Why Should You Opt for Ecommerce Write for Us?

Our company is a reputable brand where you can post valuable information for millions of our readers. If you have an eCommerce store, this platform is the best to increase visibility and traffic to your store. Some of the outstanding benefits of the eCommerce write for us include:

Enhance your Virtual Store Page Rankings

The primary advantage of the eCommerce write for us platform is that it helps in increasing credibility for your site via the backlinks. Backlinking also helps increase visibility to your online store, and it is the best strategy to enhance your ranking on the internet.

Increase your Followers on various Social Media Accounts

You can add your active social media accounts in the author bio section. The method helps you to obtain a large number of subscriptions or followers. When you have a large online following, you also increase your chances of turning them into potential customers.

Ensures that your Virtual Store is Competitive

If you have an eCommerce store selling various products, blog posting is an excellent way to ensure you are competitive in the market. Remember that the eCommerce market is very saturated and you should find multiple methods to remain relevant. Blog posting allows you to share your expertise in the virtual business industry, and your audience will be interested to know more about your products.

What are the eCommerce Topics we are looking for?

The primary interest of our audience is to start, scale, and expand their virtual business. Thus you should submit informative articles. Some of the topics you should consider include:

  • How to Increase Traffic to a virtual store
  • How to increase conversion rates
  • What types of operations or systems are outstanding in the virtual business
  • The best way of branding a virtual business
  • Best tactics to network with other virtual entrepreneurs
  • Any other hot topics in the eCommerce industry